How Drugs Are Affecting The Business Industry

For businesses, uncovering and confronting substance abuse among employees can be challenging. Because of the professional relationship between management and employees, it’s tough to address the problem since managers usually lack the personal connection with their staff.

Nevertheless, when employers tackle drug use issues, it benefits the management as well as the business. That’s why it’s vital for leaders to be willing to deal with drug concerns in the workplace. If not handled adequately, it can trigger implications that can jeopardize the organization. Continue reading this article and learn how drugs are affecting the business industry.

Increase in Healthcare Expenses 

With prolonged drug abuse, the individual can suffer from a myriad of health issues. Some of the problems can include cognitive disability, liver failure, and high blood pressure. Due to these medical concerns, health insurance claims can increase.

 Loss of Productivity 

Besides the increase in healthcare expenses, businesses suffer the loss of productivity if there’s drug use in the workplace. Substance abuse affects employee’s capacity to focus and their ability to form a decision. And because of this dilemma, their work quality and quantity deteriorate.

Additionally, withdrawal symptoms can interfere with a worker’s performance and impair their efficiency to do their tasks.

Poor Employee Attendance

Furthermore, because of drug use, employees tend to file more sick leaves or leave of absence. With this absenteeism, businesses in return lose revenues. If you’re a company requiring legal assistance, you can consult drug charge attorney experts in your area.

What are the Signs of Drug Use?

Employees suffering from substance abuse typically hide their problems from co-workers and management. However, there are usually symptoms that indicate the trouble. Take a look at some of them:

  • A person may avoid friends and co-workers.
  • The employee displays a slump in personal hygiene or appearance.
  • A noticeable shift in behavior. Some become highly irritable.
  • The staff shares stories about money issues.
  • Some discuss problems about declining relationships with loved ones.

What are Contributing Elements to Workplace Drug Use?

A few elements contribute to drug use in the workplace. Below are some of the factors:

  1. Workplace isolation:  At times, the work itself results in personnel substance abuse. A job that is isolating, tedious, or overwhelming can lead to employees turning to drugs.
  2. Level of Supervision: Most often, the available degree of supervision impacts the workplace’s drug use rate. Typically, when there are fewer supervisors, like in the night shift, staff are most likely to engage in drugs or alcohol compared to heavily supervised shifts.


How to Address Workplace Drug Use?

If an employee doesn’t want to avail in-patient drug treatment program, various outpatient programs can help professionals recover while employed. A lot of businesses likewise participate in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), a national project of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.

The initiative can refer workers with a drug problem to community services for treatment and other support they need. Some programs such as Narcotics Anonymous can also give oversight while an individual is recovering, so previous drug users can remain clean.

Final Thoughts

Overall, drug use among employees causes issues such as social and pricey healthcare fees that impact both the business and the workers. The problem can likewise hinder job performance and endanger staff safety.

Indeed, addressing drug suspicion concern may be awkward for the management and the employee. However, addressing the problem safeguards business growth and worker development. Most of all, taking action displays the compassion of the organization for their workers.

Keep in mind that whether you’re a small or big organization, you can still impose a workplace drug use policy that will minimize productivity loss and establish a safer workplace for all.