How Do Athletes Manage to Beat the Weed Test?

Sports and athletics are a special domain that needs the participants to pass the weed test every time they intend to participate in an event. Since athletes need much energy and enthusiasm, and certain varieties of weeds are known for their capacity to boost the same, a dope test is a must for every athlete before a performance. However, if you ever get caught for consuming weeds more than a permissible amount, your chances to appear in the event will be ruined. Hence, every athlete needs to pass the weed test, and here is how they manage to pass the same with the help of synthetic urine and other tricks.

Male Athletes

No matter if you are a dedicated sports enthusiast or a popular athlete, weed is something everyone does. Hence, it is not about not consuming CBD at all. Instead, it is more to manage the tests with some tricks and measures. A urine test is a standard process to detect the level of weed and other dopes in the body of an athlete. A fake penis filled with an adequate amount of synthetic urine is something that can get you passed through the weed test easily. However, before you opt for any of the synthetic urine varieties available in the market, check the sub solution synthetic urine reviews to settle for the most trusted one. Hence, this is one way the athletes skip the chances of being caught under a dope test, even after the consumption of cannabis.

Plenty Of Water

All of us know that water is a very good solvent and it dissolves almost everything. However, when it comes to the elements released into the body by weed, these get dissolved into the water real quick. Hence, the athletes consume a lot of water after they take weed to make sure that the traceable elements get dissolved into the water and become hard to be traced during the test.

But, one thing that must be kept in mind for this trick is that the amount of water needs to be really substantial. The athletes almost drink like a fish to ensure that the elements that can be detected from the urine become scarce. The best part about this process is that it is equally effective for both male and female athletes.

Some Debatable Tricks

The two tricks mentioned above to avoid detection of weed during a weed test is foolproof. But the athletes also try plenty of other tricks as well. Even though all of these do not always comply with the medical evidence, plenty of athletes have tried these successfully to avert the weed test detection. Salt pills, multivitamins are some of these varieties of elements that are believed to reduce the level of traceable elements in urine after the consumption of weed.

For the agencies that conduct the weed tests, to detect the traces of performance-enhancing drugs remains at the center. Plenty of famous athletes have gone through this multi-layered process of weed test. The test is done through 6 stages, generally. A positive outcome comes with a referral to a program for the first time, if the athlete is caught with traces of weeds in the second round of tests, a fine is imposed.

The third time calls for a bigger penalty in the form of a higher fine, the next comes with suspension from four games, the fifth with a 10 game suspension. The sixth one, however, banishes the athlete from the league, which, in turn, ruins the career forever. Hence, to pass the weed test is much more important, and without a negative weed result, athletes struggle to make their way into any event.