Horse killed at Calgary Stampede after breaking leg in chuckwagon races

A horse suffered a broken leg during a chuckwagon race at the Calgary Stampede on Wednesday evening and was deliberately killed after being evaluated by a veterinarian.

The horse, a part of Obrey Motowylo’s wagon team, was running in the second heat of races on Wednesday when it sustained the injury.

“The horse was immediately assessed by a veterinarian on the track and it was found to have a fractured left front radius,” the Calgary Stampede said in a news release.

“It was determined there was no option for treatment and the horse was euthanized.”

This was the second horse to die during the chuckwagon races at this year’s Stampede.

On Monday, a horse named Dylan died from what was desribed as “a serious internal medical condition.”

Motowylo, himself, was injured during the chuckwagon races at last year’s Calgary Stampede.

He fell under his wagon early in a heat, fracturing his shoulder blade and chipping a vertebra.