Here’s How Online Roulette Can Take Full Advantage Of 5G

As one of the most important technological developments of the last two decades, the advent of the 5G network looks to shatter people’s understanding when it comes to both raw speed and device capability. This extends to all corners of mobile phones, be it on apps or in web browsers, and one major proponent for new technology is the online casino industry, and in particular, online roulette.

Online roulette from the likes of Paddy Power has often been at the forefront of new web technology, especially given the nature of online casinos as a new addition to the Internet’s growing portfolio. They were there when HTML5 replaced its decades-old predecessor HTML4, which brought with it innovations such as the <canvas> element that gave way for designers to rotate and size objects, as well as allow them to create interesting and useful GUIs. Both functions have since become vital to the way that online roulette operates and as a result are now deemed to be second nature. What’s more, with the demise of Flash over the last few years, HTML5 has taken on increased importance and still remains key to any interactive sites’ operation.

The technology associated with 5G, however, is expected to take online roulette to the next level. For instance, its headline change is that it offers 10x faster speeds than 4G, bringing with it up to 10-gig connectivity. This, combined with the lower latencies and a more stable connection, will help to make the overall experience of playing online roulette a whole lot better. A much more reliable connection can also help with having higher levels of concurrent users, which have traditionally caused sites to crash, be them online casinos or otherwise. Now that the network architecture is designed specifically with speed and stability in mind, this should lead to fewer complaints of sites dropping outright in the heat of play.

A major innovation within online casinos, that specifically relates to roulette, is the rise of live dealers. With these, it brings the traditional casino experience to the comfort of people’s own homes, which makes things more convenient for everyone involved. It has been an innovation that online casinos have pioneered that has helped to usher in more live streams and interactive content across the Internet. More related to the advances of 5G however, having a reliable and speedier connection means that the experience with a live dealer will be seamless, but it also opens up another intriguing avenue.

Websites across the Internet, as well as individual applications, have been taking advantage of the ever-growing popularity attached to virtual reality. With 5G set to usher in proper support for VR and AR, it could be something that online roulette can take advantage of. In particular, there has traditionally been an issue relating to the speed and overall efficiency of data usage when utilizing VR, as they need to render data as soon as the player makes a decision. However, with the potential adoption for online roulette, this isn’t necessarily an issue. There are some decisions to process, although they are administrative in terms of deciding which numbers and color to bet on. However, the use for VR in such circles is to improve the overall user experience and, by implementing VR, it helps to make it a lot more immersive.

With the right execution and implementation, online roulette could set to face a major shift in the right direction thanks to 5G. As it has previously been one of the first segments of the Internet to make full use of key technology such as 5G, and its <canvas> element, it should only be a small move for online roulette to adopt 5G and give players a faster, sleeker, and more modern experience. Only time will tell if they can get it all right.