Hairdresser Emily Pytel reveals her top four customer icks

1. Dirty hair: Just no, we don’t want to touch your dirty hair but it’s also not good for your colour, it doesn’t take as well

2. Looking at us in the eyes at the basin: Don’t do that, it is awkward for everybody, just close your eyes

3. Arriving with coffee just for you: When you show up late but you have a coffee in your hand and don’t have one for us. We love coffee too and we need the caffeine to do your hair

4. Turning your head to look at the mirror: Please don’t do that because there is a reason we ae turning your chair

Hairdressers and barbers on Reddit also chimed in with their pet peeves…  

– Slouching, moving, ‘hey are you gunna get his spot’ comments before the cut is done. Any of that shit bugs the bell out of me. Also parents thinking a child’s cut should be less expensive. That bugs me too

– When the customer says ‘do what you want’ or ‘I need a change’ and then isn’t open to any new ideas

– People not holding their head up, constantly looking at their lap. It will mess up the fade, please look straight

– Chewing gum! Seriously, it’s a pain in the a*s when your trying to blend in a fade and the whole time the side of their head is going in and out

– When girls with 12 inch long jet black hair with split ends come in and expect to leave and hour later with bright blonde hair the same length

– Being very particular but also not being specific or clear. Being contradictory is also quite puzzling. We are not mind readers. Bring in a good clear picture of what you want, tell us what you like and don’t like

–  Asking for a huge colour job/amount of work for x amount of money that barely even covers product usage. You’re also paying for a service, time, skills and labour. Realize that huge transformations and colour/chemical services take a long time and we use a lot of expensive products

– Correcting us and telling us how to do our job. It’s good to ask us questions and express concerns. It is NOT good, however, when you are telling us our techniques are wrong

– Making a huge fuss over how there’s one hair, or messing up your freshly styled hair and asking us why it is so frizzy and messy right after. YOU JUST MESSED IT UP, THAT’S WHY

– As a hairdresser one is expected to make small talk with customers. But some of them get strangely personal and ask all kinds of questions that I Really. Don’t. Want. To. Answer. To. A. Total. Stranger. 

–  The thing that really – and I mean really – gets me the most: we’re not allowed to complain about any of this but expected to stay friendly and professional. The things I would tell some customers…