Green Party told Elections Canada some voters’ personal information was temporarily visible on party website

The Green Party says it has notified Elections Canada that some voters’ personal information was temporarily visible in internal training videos that were publicly accessible on the party’s website.

According to a written statement from the party, the error was caused by an “oversight.”

“A small number of videos hosted in an internal training section on our website contained visuals of some Elections Canada information,” the statement read in part.

It said the information primarily pertained to names and addresses and included only a small number of voters.

CTV News first reported the problem after it said it discovered videos on the website used to train party workers to use the party’s voter data system called GVote.

The slip-up came same day that Green Party Leader Elizabeth May unveiled her party’s platform on privacy at the University of Waterloo. May called on the other political parties to stop collecting voter data and using it for political purposes.