Great British Bake Off: Lottie is eliminated during 80s week

Great British Bake off: ‘Ice cream cake in this heat, there should be laws against this!’ Lottie is eliminated after her ‘terrible’ showstopper fails to impress judges on hottest day of year

Lottie Bedlow became the latest contestant to be eliminated on Tuesday’s episode of The Great British Bake Off.

The pantomime producer, 31, failed to impress the judges with her ice cream cake showstopper on one of the the hottest days of the year after the show was pre-recorded over the summer.  

With the judges calling her bake ‘underwhelming’ and ‘terrible’, Lottie was left both ‘relived’ and ‘gutted’ over her exit from the tent.

Exit: Lottie Bedlow became the latest contestant to be eliminated on Tuesday’s episode of The Great British Bake Off

Tuesday’s episode followed an 80s theme which saw the contestants tasked with creating quiches, custard and jam finger doughnuts and an ice cream cake showstopper.

Yet Lottie’s ambitious plans for a chocolate mixtape-shaped ice cream cake was thwarted due to the heat in the tent on one of the hottest days of the year. 

Despite judge Paul Hollywood warning the contestant over her creation, Lottie decided to pursue with her showstopper which didn’t freeze in time and was left melting on the table. 

During the judging feedback, Paul said he was ‘very underwhelmed’ over the ice cream cake.

And things didn’t get better during the tasting section, where he commented: ‘It looks terrible, I think if it had tasted good. I’m just getting nothing from it at all, it’s a shame.’

While co-judge Prue Leith was kinder with her words as she said the chocolate ice cream layer was ‘delicious’.   

The contestant also caused a stirred with her breakfast-themed quiches earlier in the episode as Prue admitted that she wasn’t a fan of baked beans.  

Talking after her exit, an emotional Lottie admitted that she was both ‘relived’ and ‘gutted’ over her exit from the tent.   

She said: ‘It’s a massive relief but obviously I’m gutted to not be with everyone everu day.’

Lottie added: ‘Honestly, it’s been amazing, please stop crying Laura [her fellow contestant].’

The pantomime producer admitted that she only packed two outfits and had been wearing other people’s clothes as she managed to make it to week seven, she quipped: ‘Maybe I can bake!’

Elsewhere on the show, Hermine was crowned this week’s Star Baker after she wowed the judges with her quiches, technical challenge and showstopper.