Gold Coast local finds eastern brown snake in their bed hidden among the sheets

Terror as homeowners discover a massive brown snake sleeping underneath their doona

  • A homeowner found a brown snake in their bed 
  • The deadly reptile was sitting on their doona 

A snake catcher has warned Australians to ‘check their beds’ after a homeowner discovered a deadly six-foot-long brown snake hiding in the sheets.

Zachery from Zachery’s Snake and Reptile Relocation was called out to a home in Kalbar, 110km west of the Gold Coast, on Monday afternoon after the owner found the snake partially on top of the doona and beneath the sheets.

Brown snakes are considered one of Australia’s most dangerous snake breeds because of their fondness of living in populated areas. 

Eastern browns are the second deadliest snake breed in the world with their potent venom causing paralysis, uncontrollable bleeding and even death.

A southeast Queensland homeowner discovered a brown snake hiding in their bed (above) when they went to change their sheets

Photos showed the snake still half underneath the doona with one local saying they would ‘burn the bedding’ should such a freak event happen at their home.

‘Well, I’m never sleeping again,’ one person wrote.

‘I don’t think I’ll be going to bed now. I’ll sleep in my car,’ another said.

‘This is what nightmares are made of,’ a third commenter wrote. 

To make matters worse, Zachery said the snake was ‘fairly feisty’ when he tried to pick it up.

Still, the veteran snakecatcher managed to pluck the deadly reptile from the home and drop it off in the bush kilometres away from the home.

Snake catcher Zachery (above) relocated the brown snake several kilometres from the home

Snake catcher Zachery (above) relocated the brown snake several kilometres from the home


  • Fast moving, very aggressive and famously bad tempered 
  • Along with other brown snakes the eastern brown is responsible for more deaths every year in Australia than any other group of snakes
  • Their venom is ranked as the second most toxic of any land snake in the world behind another Australian snake, the inland taipan
  • They thrive in populated areas with lots of their main prey mice, making farms and urban centres ideal habitats 
  • If cornered or confronted the eastern brown raises its body, forms an ‘S’ shape and strikes, as demonstrated in the video above
  •  Its venom causes paralysis and stops the blood from clotting causing its victim to bleed to death
  • May take many doses of antivenom to reverse its effects and victims may collapse within a few minutes