Going Green is more than just a phrase – Team up with local recyclers to make a difference

There have been continuous and sustained calls for all to go green. The calls run in all sectors, from energy to motor vehicles to industrial production. You’ve probably seen catchy phrases and slogans, but I bet you haven’t seen any results.

So how can you actualize the calls on an individual or company level? And is it even possible? Teaming up with the right individuals and recycling companies can help bring a difference.

Learn more on how Weston/Runde & Associates, LLC – Commercial Waste Paper & Cardboard Recycling plays this role.

Use of green energy sources

Every environmentalist pushes for the use of green and renewable energy sources. The switch from carbon fuels helps reduce emissions that destroy the ozone layer.

Some of these green energy sources are solar and wind. They help reduce your long-term energy bills and contribute to a greener planet.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Although common, this three-worded phrase can be an effective tool if strictly followed. As a company, you can provide employees with reusable cups, which goes a long way in contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

For office communication, an office can go paperless and, if impossible, reuse the papers. When the maximum reuse threshold has been reached, they can be collected and sold to paper mills for processing.

At the recycler’s company, some of the best practices to consider include;

  • Separation of recyclable and non-recyclable wastes
  • Buy more recyclable products where possible
  • Adopt and sell more recyclable materials, especially if you’re in the construction industry

Incorporate plants in the office space

Plants can improve an office’s aesthetics and contribute to a greener environment. Companies continue to embrace open-spaced offices; thus, creating more room for more plants.

The plant choice can be a strategic one where you can have insect repellant and contaminant removing plants. It can be a great stride than using chemical-based sprays as fresheners or keeping rodents and other insects away.

Virtual workspaces and meetings

Traveling is a huge contributor to the carbon footprint. And when a company has many physical meetings in different locations, they contribute to higher carbon emissions due to the travels. One way to reduce this is by embracing technology.

A company can schedule to meet partners or clients virtually and still transact business. However, it might not be possible for all industries, but reducing traveling is vital. Further, a company may develop carpooling policies for the employees.

The relatively small part each company plays goes a long way in creating a significant impact in the long run.

Providing specific recyclable litter bins

Companies can help in easing waste disposal and collection. They can provide specific litter bins for each type of waste, which helps encourage employees to be eco-friendly.


Many companies are eco-friendly and continue playing this role. The realization is that the small individual efforts will yield more significant results over time. If you’re pro-environment, you will join in these small ways to make the phrase go green a reality.