Girl, 12, dies after she was shot in the head in drive-by shooting in Connecticut

More and more people across the US have found themselves being victims in random shootings, from 12-year-old Secret Pierce, of Hartford, being shot dead in a drive-by shooting to six-year-old Kinsley White being shot in the cheek by her neighbor after her ball rolled into his year. 

In April alone, several random shootings have already occurred. takes a look at these random shootings. 

Ralph Yarl, 16 

Yarl was shot by Andrew Lester, 84, after he approached his property in Kansas City, Missouri, thinking he was collecting his two younger brothers and rang the doorbell on April 13. 

The incident happened after Yarl accidentally went to Northeast 115th Street instead of Northeast 115th Terrace – one block from one another – in the north of Kansas City.

Yarl approached the door but did not ‘cross the threshold’ into the house, according to prosecutors.

Lester was said to have opened the door and fired two .32-caliber rounds from a revolver that struck Yarl on the forehead and the arm. Prosecutors said there was no indication that any words were exchanged.

Lester told a police officer after the shooting that he saw a black man ‘pulling on the exterior storm door handle,’ and that he believed the person was attempting to break in.

Yarl has since been interviewed by a detective, and said that he only rang the doorbell and did not pull on the door.

Kinsley White, 6

Kinsley White and other neighborhood children were playing on their street on April 18 in Gaston County, North Carolina when her neighbor Robert Louis Singletary, 24, snapped over the stray ball.

Singletary allegedly got mad and began firing at White and her parents, both of whom also were struck or grazed by bullets.

Kinsley and her father, William White, were both injured in the shooting.

According to Kinsley’s mom, at the time of the shooting, William was attempting to distract the neighbor so that other children could get away.

William was struck in the back by a bullet and remains in the hospital at this time.

Kinsley’s mother told WSOC she was outside and said she heard Singletary make a threat to her family members.

‘He looked at my husband and my daughter and told them, “I’m going to kill you,” Ashley Hilderbrand said.

She said the neighbor then chased them while shooting.

He allegedly kept firing until his gun had run out of bullets.

He is currently on the run. 

Secret Pierce, 12 

Pierce was shot in the head during a drive-by shooting on April 20 while she was seated in the back of a car on Huntington Street in Hartford, Connecticut. 

She was pronounced dead at 7am on April 21. 

Three others were injured in the shooting, including an 18-year-old who sustained ‘serious’ injuries and was found outside the car near Pierce. 

Two other men, 16 and 23, were shot as well on the sidewalk, but sustained non-life-threatening injuries. 

Police believe Pierce was innocent and had nothing to do with the incident.