Get comfy on the dental chair: a medical apparatus

Written by Paul Sebastian

Dental Chair?

A dental chair acquires the center stage in the clinic of a dentist. The dentist performs the oral examinations of the patient. It is the only medical equipment that offers comfort and happiness to the patient. The patients range from children to adults and senior citizens. Many are scared of the pointed and electrical tools supplementing the dental collections. So the dentist has a tough time choosing from a wide variety of dental chairs available in the market, in showrooms, and on online platforms.

Dental chairs come in all colors and shapes to choose from. While picking dental chairs for the clinic, it is better to be choosy for better experiences from the doctor and the patient. Dealers of the same keep in touch with the medical practitioners and dentists in the hospitals and clinics.

Parts of the Dental Chair 

The dental chair consists of the base, backrest, motors, and memory foam filled soft upholstery, movable or adjustable parts, footrest, and armrests. And a water unit or hydraulic apparatus, delivery unit, dental light, camera, swirling spittoon, suction tubes, and more customized options varying from chair to chair. Reputed companies have come up across the globe, such as Midmark (US), KaVo Dental (Germany), Chesa (India), Morita (Japan), Shinhung (South Korean), Planmeca Oy (Finland), Vic Dental, Gnatus (Brazil), Anthos Australia, Ivoclar Vivadent (Australia) and so on.

These local turned global players supply the dental chairs in their home nation and also to other countries. For example, Gnatus being a Brazilian company provides dental chairs to Asian markets too. And like all medical equipment, they come in a range of prices. The dental chairs can be ordered in bulk. Individual seats are also available with the companies according to the requirements.

The comfort of the Dental Chair

The oral surgeries, treatment, and examinations occur after the patient is seated or asked to lay down on the dental chair. It helps to keep the correct posture to facilitate the treatment. It is a high-tech chair armed with the necessary gadgets and motor operated, welcoming toddlers, grown-ups, and differently-abled people alike. The chair is adjustable according to the height and stature of the patient.

Treatments taking more time makes the patients go numb at some point of time in the back. The patients usually signal to the dentist. The dentist then makes the necessary changes aided by its programmable positions like the seat tilts. This electromechanical portable chair has got your back with the soft memory foam that cools down the excess heat from the body trapped in between the patient and chair foam. Hence, avoiding the uncomfortable situation of sweaty cushion left behind when the treatment is done. Here, the dentist can check for changeable upholstery cushions and go for a warrantied and reliable consumer feedback received by the different dentist chairs’ other models.


The dental chair offers therapeutic seating to all the patients that visit the dentist. Dentists wisely buy them comparing and evaluating each option to give quality service and satisfaction to their patients. The value of each medical equipment is determined by its price, based on its efficiency to serve its purpose and promote patients’ well-being.