General maintenance guide for timber windows

How to maintain timber windows

Natural wood is one of the most flexible and beautiful materials used to create windows and doors. They can have different designs, from minimalist and practical to more sophisticated. In the Scott James company, you can order windows to fit perfectly with your mansion design. Particular attention should be paid to double-glazed windows installed in houses of historical value.

The wood is not strong enough, so it must be carefully maintained. Maintenance includes regular cleaning, painting, and other works to preserve the aesthetic look and functional characteristics of wooden sashes.

How to clean your timber

The production of windows includes multiple production steps, and the final one is applying a layer of preservative and a primer, after which the window is painted with microporous paint. Such a coating lasts up to 8 years without additional maintenance.

Painted windows should be cleaned from both the inside and the outside. Use the following guidelines to clean out dirt from the inside:

  •   wipe the dust from the windowsill and the edges of the glass near the frame;
  •   use glass cleaner solution; it must be sprayed onto the surface and wiped with a microfibre cloth;
  •   after it dries, take a newspaper, crumple it and wipe the glass to add extra shine;
  •   to remove stubborn stains that haven’t been affected by the detergent, mix two tablespoons of dishwashing gel into a bucket of warm water and remove any remaining dirt.

The street side of windows should be washed on a cloudy day. When sunlight hits the surface of the freshly washed glass, moisture evaporates much faster, resulting in streaks.

To wipe the glass, use a solution of water and dishwashing detergent. Start cleaning from the top sash, adjusting the frame height. Use a scraper to additionally clean the glass by making horizontal movements. After removing dirt, wipe the glass surface with a dry cloth. Next, use a sponge to clean the frame, remembering to dry its surface.

The windows care shouldn’t be performed more than several times a year. Such measures will allow you to get rid of dust, insects, and dirt that damage the coating, as well as prevent fungus. The fabric for cleaning must be lint-free because it can cling to wooden parts. Thoroughly remove the residual detergent and dry the surface to prevent the frame from rotting. Remember to clean the ventilation holes too.

How to check and lubricate the hardware

Windows have fittings that allow the sashes to move. You can forget about them during maintenance, but it is very important to inspect hinges, joints, and cords, which must always remain in working order.

Checking the hinges is necessary to avoid loosening the screws. If they get stuck when you open windows, use WD40 to soften it. Hinge lubrication is required once a year. It is also worth making sure that the cords are intact. If the cord becomes thinner or breaks, it’s easy to replace it yourself or contact professionals who can do it.

There are latches in the windows, which are locking devices located on the vertical sash frame. They need to be regularly lubricated to facilitate the normal operation of the retainer. Don’t use a lot of oil on them.

Don’t forget about the window openers, which also require maintenance. It is enough to wipe them with a soft cloth to ensure cleanliness and a neat look. Don’t use harsh abrasives to clean windows, they can deform or discolour the surfaces.

Painting and draught-proofing

Before treating wood window frames, find out which finish has been used before. They have varying lifetimes, so it is important to start work before the coating starts to deteriorate. If a three-layer white paint was applied to a wooden frame, it will last up to 6 years without additional painting. If the window is installed in highly humid places, this period may be reduced. A translucent coating lasts a little less, up to 4 years.

Apply two layers of new paint. Read recommendations on the packaging regarding the works. Don’t forget to use a synthetic brush.

Before painting, clean the wooden surface:

  •   use sandpaper to wipe the paint and help remove dirt and grease;
  •   when the surface is clean, examine it for deformations and damage;
  •   if the top layer is damaged, fix the problem with a putty.

Any dirt should be cleaned with a damp cloth; let the window dry completely. You will see that the surface becomes very smooth. You can now apply paint, avoiding fittings and other moving parts. When it dries, apply another layer of paint. Choose best varnish for wood windows to complete the maintenance of your insulating glass unit.

To sum up

The measures taken will help significantly extend the service life of your windows. You shouldn’t forget about how to seal wooden window frames, this will help you get rid of drafts and reduce heat losses during the cold season.

To keep windows in perfect condition, frames and fittings should be inspected monthly. The timely repair will eliminate existing problems. It will be much easier and cheaper to completely replace windows. Or you can contact a team of professionals who will inspect and restore the glass unit if necessary.