Gemma Collins offers fans a glimpse of the HUGE garden at her £1.3million Essex mansion

Gemma Collins offered fans a glimpse of her huge garden at her £1.3million mansion in Essex on Sunday morning.

The former TOWIE star, 42, was up bright and early and filmed the sun rising among the trees in her enormous grounds. 

Posting to her Instagram story on Sunday morning to her 2.2 million followers, Gemma gave a panoramic view of her impressive garden. 

The reality star has recently taken up gardening as a hobby and showed off the fruits of her efforts, including perfectly trimmed lawns and flourishing flowerbeds. 

Gemma bought her home in 2021, which boasts five bedrooms and spacious rooms – as well as the luxurious garden. 

Luxurious: Gemma Collins, 42, gave fans a panoramic view of her huge garden on Sunday morning

Forever home: Gemma bought her five-bedroom mansion in 2021

Forever home: Gemma bought her five-bedroom mansion in 2021

Her filming also showed her Landrover, a white horse statue called Tallulah and a silver glitter ball and a light blue swinging chair seat. 

A cheery Gemma said behind the camera: ‘Good morning everybody! Happy Sunday. The sun is shining. My hairdresser has arrived. 

‘And I’m SO excited, because from 11 o’clock I’m bringing you a TikTok live.’

White horse sculpture, which Gemma calls Talullah, light blue swinging seat, flower beds, relaxing area

Gemma has recently been getting into her gardening, writing for the i in March that: ‘I’ve gone from Gucci to gardening and it’s been life changing, babes.’ 

Recently Gemma has brought a new addition to her garden, as she got chickens for the first time. 

‘These are proper GC chickens,’ she told her fans earlier this month. 

In February Gemma revealed the destruction wreaked on her garden by Storm Eunice. 

Huge: Gemma showed off her vast lawn

Decorations: She also has a white horse statue, which she calls Talullah

Huge: Gemma showed off her vast lawn and her white horse Talulalh at the £1.3million mansion

Hobby: The reality star has been getting into gardening and revealed her perfectly manicured flower beds as her hairdresser arrived

Hobby: The reality star has been getting into gardening and revealed her perfectly manicured flower beds as her hairdresser arrived

The reality star said her garden had been ‘blown to pieces’ and her house left without electricity due to the storm.

She took to Instagram to show off the aftermath of the wild weather and the ‘terrible’ damage it caused to the grounds of her Essex property.

As she took a tour around the garden she gave a glimpse at the toppled fences, displaced gnomes and broken outdoor furniture. 

Sharing a clip of her beloved white horse statue, the Diva Forever star said: ‘Poor Tallulah was taken down in the storm. Unbelievable. The place has been absolutely blown to pieces. 

‘I’ve got fence panels down, I mean it’s really bad. Fences down, panels out, it is just terrible. I can’t see any news, I don’t know what’s going on out there. I have no electric I’ve just had to charge my phone in the car.

‘I don’t understand how furniture can be blown all around the garden it’s just crazy. The only thing that survived the storm is the elephant. My beautiful trees have been blown around.’

She then realised her gnomes had also been blown over, exclaiming: ‘Oh no, my gnomes!’

Gemma then shouts to a neighbour: ‘Oh morning hun it’s been terrible hasn’t it!’ 

She also posted a picture of the inside of her house in the dark after her electricity went out and had to use candles to see.  

She wrote in the caption: ‘No electric since 3pm yesterday and will not be connected till 11 pm this evening !!! Storm Eunice hun have a day off! X’