Gem4me Messenger has Launched a New Service of Free Voice Message Transcription

Voice message transcription will be available in different languages for all users of the application

The international Gem4me messenger has recently introduced a new service for its users — transcription of voice messages. The function is already available for several languages and still more additional languages currently in development to be introduced shortly.

Moreover, the transcribed text can be instantly translated into 17 languages with the help of a built-in translator almost instantly. This service is also being offered completely free of charge.

The core goal of the new voice message transcription functionality is to offer the utmost convenience for those who receive voice messages. Users who send voice messages do so completely hassle-free and also save time, as it is much easier to share information in this manner.

However, users who receive voice messages frequently experience difficulties and inconveniences: if they don’t have headphones — then everyone around them will hear the message, or the frequent inability to listen to a voice message due to surrounding circumstances, in general, is a factor.

As of today, this is a unique offering on the market of messengers, as other applications do not offer this feature as a free-of-charge service. With Gem4me, it is simple enough to just press a button for transcription.

The text will be provided directly under the audio file, as well as, the transcribed text can also be hidden if necessary.

Olga Bobrovskaya, the Marketing Director of Gem4me messenger has stated:

“The vast majority of known messengers either do not offer voice message transcription, or it is only available as part of a paid subscription. Gem4me became the exception to the rule: we made the service available to everyone”.

The next stage of the messenger’s development is expected to introduce a news feed feature. Additionally, the developers are currently working on introducing an algorithm of channel selection based on a user’s particular interests.

Selection is implemented upon the initial launch of the application, after which the algorithm conducts an analysis of a user’s behavior and preferences (which channels are most frequently visited, which ones are being subscribed to and etc.).

This feature will offer new public channels with similar content to the user.

In addition, Gem4me developers are anticipating launching a full-scale monetization functionality for blogs via the use of an automated advertising exchange platform in the nearest time.