Fox Sports NRL commentator Andrew Voss says ‘not everybody is invested’  in the Matilda’s success and described plans for a public holiday as ‘B.S’

Bitter Fox Sports rugby league commentator Andrew Voss’s wild rant about Matildas saying ‘not everybody is invested’ – calling plans for a public holiday ‘B.S’

NRL Fox Sports commentator Andrew Voss has slammed slammed calls for a public holiday should the Matilda’s win the World Cup – and said not everyone was invested in the team’s success.

Tony Gustavson’s side have made history as the first national side to make the semi-finals of a FIFA World Cup, with football fever is sweeping the nation.

Australia squares off next with England’s Lionesses on Wednesday night in Sydney for a spot in the final after beating France on penalties 7-6 in the longest shootout in Cup history.

The golden girls are now just one game away from a chance to lift the trophy and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has argued Australians should be rewarded with a day off if they are victorious.

However, not everyone is a fan of the idea, including rugby league commentator Andrew Voss who told his SEN Breakfast listeners that not everyone is ‘invested in the Matildas’.

Andrew Voss says not all Aussies care about sport or are invested in the Matildas

‘I just think it’s (a public holiday) so wrong,’ said Voss on Monday’s show.

‘No, I do – and I’m serious about it.  I had a think about it and I just thought this is not right, this is not how it’s worked.

‘I know this is going to shock you, Brandy. There’s people out there who don’t actually follow sport.

‘There are people who are not invested in the Matildas.’

Earlier in the show, Voss said there’s got to be ‘more important things’ to warrant a national public holiday and branded the idea as ‘BS’ and ‘ridiculous’.

Barnaby Joyce also slammed plans to give Aussies a public holiday if the Matildas win the tournament and asked why Aussies should be given time off to celebrate the national team and not other sides.

‘I think it’s a very good reason for the Matildas to have a day off. But look, why didn’t we have a day off after the Diamonds won [the Netball World Cup]?’ he said.

‘I mean that they would have just put just as much effort in as anybody else. When we go well in the Olympics, we’re gonna have a day off after that?

Voss said there's got to be 'more important things' to warrant a national public holiday

Voss said there’s got to be ‘more important things’ to warrant a national public holiday

Meanwhile, the Matildas are trying their best to relax before the match and not let the pandemonium consume them.

‘When we do speak of recovery as a team it is definitely physically, emotionally and mentally. We do give our minds a break as well,’ said veteran Tameka Yallop.

‘We do find that zone where we can chill out and relax and give us the space to refocus for the next game. It’s all about building those emotions ready to fire when the whistle goes.

‘We have an amazing environment where we get to have a lot of family around us and get to offload and feel the support of them as well and that goes a long way.’

The Matildas will play England on Wednesday night at Stadium Australia in Sydney, with the winner taking on either Spain or Sweden in the final next Sunday.