Follow these six steps to sell houses like an expert

By: Eric Reyes

Selling your home is potentially one of the most lucrative deals you will ever make. That said, if you do not follow certain best practices or make mistakes in choosing the right type of agent to represent you, you could end up losing a significant percentage of the potential profit. With this in mind, you need to rise to the challenge of selling your home like an expert even though you probably do not have a license or experience selling homes. Although this might sound like the most difficult sales task you have ever confronted, there are actually administrative, marketing-related, and construction-related steps you can take to ensure your house closes in a quick, profitable, and legal manner.

Display value

Whether you call it display value or curb appeal, your home must have the most up-to-date aesthetic renovations if it is going to compete with other homes in your price or size range. Starting at the curb, you should ensure the property is landscaped and that any exterior structures are painted and in good repair. Windows should be washed, and bushes that create shadows should be trimmed.

Within the home, the walls should be painted, and all trim should be painted in a shade that creates a pleasant contrast to the walls. If the home is also clean and free of debris or disorder, incoming shoppers will be able to imagine your home as their home.

Maximize your renovation dollars

Renovations that result in the maximum return include the following.

  • – a new or newer refrigerator
  • – range that matches the refrigerator
  • – silver or black appliances as opposed to white ones
  • – neutral paint on the walls

In addition to maintaining the kitchen, the bathroom and primary bedroom are spaces that command your attention. Faucets should be updated as should all knobs. The primary bedroom should be empty of furniture to provide the best possible impression in terms of overall size.

Avoiding rookie errors

Not mowing the yard is a simple and avoidable error as are the following common practices.

  • – clutter in rooms
  • – old or decaying paint
  • – ad copy that lists the property as cozy
  • – pricing that reflects more than a five percent increase over comparable homes

In terms of basic errors, getting the pricing wrong is the one error that will leave your home stagnating on the market. Your agent should be able to ballpark the price range, which should reduce the necessity of eventually lowering the price.

Spreading the word

You should not leave it to your agent to spread the word about your home. Instead, to sell your home faster, you can take an active role in marketing your property.

To do this, you can list it on your Facebook page, and you can list it on the Facebook marketplace. Other ways you can market the home include posting flyers at church. Finally, you can ensure that images of your home are attractive, well lit, and spacious. In fact, your photos should strike you as making the home look better in the images than it looks in real life. Doing so will bring in more shoppers, many of whom will see that the differences between the photos and the actual home are negligible and fall in love with the home you have loved for so many years.

Trusting your agent

When it comes to your agent’s advice, you should trust it. Once you sign a contract with a qualified agent, such as the realestate agents in Buderim, you should repair or replace anything you are advised to fix. You should also trust your agent’s pricing scenarios and not panic if the home remains on the house for an average amount of time. Finally, if you are living in a home that you are attempting to sell, you should ensure you can be out of the house the moment your agent calls and informs you potential buyers would like to tour it.

Distancing yourself emotionally

Although you have spent a good number of years in your home and might think it is worth millions, your estimation is likely clouded by all the good memories. If you can distance yourself emotionally from your home, you will find that pricing the home, for instance, as well as responding to feedback about the home are two sales components that will bring you less stress.

About the Author:

Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought-after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time.