Florida nurse accused of stealing identity of Alzheimer’s patient to pay for plastic surgery

Florida nurse accused of swindling Alzheimer’s patient out of over $7,000 to pay for plastic surgery – including a Brazilian butt lift – is arrested after turning up at 88-year-old’s home

  • Tiffany Acuna, 31, allegedly stole $7,000 from an 88-year-old Alzheimer’s patient after opening a credit card in her name
  • The nurse used the money to pay for several plastic surgeries, including a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ 
  • She is facing charges of fraud and grand theft after a month-long investigation led to her arrest Friday

A Florida nurse has been accused of stealing the identity of an 88-year-old Alzheimer’s patient to pay for over $7,000 of plastic surgery. 

Tiffany Acuna, 31, allegedly opened a credit card under the elderly victim’s name before using it to pay for several procedures, including a ‘Brazilian butt lift’, according to WESH2. 

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said it opened an investigation after the victim received a startling credit card bill on April 4. The department announced Acuna’s arrest Friday, charging her with fraud and grand theft, which are felonies. 

Acuna, also known as Tiffany Kent, allegedly contacted the victim’s husband while the investigation was ongoing, asking him to agree to a repayment plan ‘to prevent criminal charges’. 

Tiffany Acuna, 31, pictured, is facing charges of fraud and grand theft 

The 31-year-old allegedly paid for several cosmetic surgeries in November 2022 at Moon Plastic Surgery in Miami. 

Soon after, the victim’s husband alerted police that his wife may have had her identity stolen when they received a credit card in the bill for $7,160, officials said. 

When police discovered Acuna’s name on the transaction, she initially denied applying for the credit card or receiving plastic surgery when contacted by officers. 

She went on to reach out to the victim’s husband and allegedly requested setting up a payment plan, where she would repay $1,000 a month until the money was returned to prevent criminal charges being filed against her. 

The nurse also reportedly urged the victim’s husband to sign a loan agreement contract. 

However, when she arrived at the elderly couple’s home Thursday morning with the contract and $1,500 in cash, she was taken into custody by awaiting sheriff’s deputies and detectives. 

The nurse was arrested by awaiting officers after attempting to give back the stolen money in a payment plan to the victim's husband

The nurse was arrested by awaiting officers after attempting to give back the stolen money in a payment plan to the victim’s husband

Police said she later claimed to detectives the victim had given her permission to use her identity to pay for cosmetic surgery.

Acuna worked for American In-Home Care as a nurse, but she was suspended April 4 after an investigation into her activities was opened by authorities. 

She is currently facing charges of grand theft and fraudulent use of ID without consent of a victim ages 60 or older. 

Acuna was booked Thursday at the Volusia County Branch Jail and released after posting $10,000 bail. 

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