Fight fans liken Conor McGregor to ‘cornering Cristiano Ronaldo at a party’ at Day of Reckoning event… as the internet is set on fire with memes of the startled Al-Nassr forward – who has ‘never looked so uncomfortable’

  • Conor McGregor and Cristiano Ronaldo’s exchange amused fans online 
  • The pair were sat ringside for the Day of Reckoning event in Saudi Arabia 
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Conor McGregor’s animated display chatting to Cristiano Ronaldo at the Day of Reckoning event has gone viral across social media. 

The two sports stars were caught sitting next to each other ringside at the event in Saudi Arabia, with McGregor deep in conversation with the Portuguese icon. 

However, during their exchange, it looked as though the Irishman had a lot more to bring to the party, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed amongst fans. 

As McGregor chewed the ear off the Al-Nassr striker, one fan posted on X (Twitter). ‘Never seen him this uncomfortable before.’ 

Other fans were left in stitches as they posted the video of the conversation, joking about how irritated the former Man United star looked.

Conor McGregor was seen in an animated conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo 

‘Ronaldo knows it’s a long night for his right ear’. One post read. 

While another quipped ‘Cristiano was like ‘When will this dude shut up’. 

One observer even questioned if the former Man Utd ace could even understand what McGregor was saying through his thick Irish accent, posting; ‘Ronaldo has no idea what Conor McGregor is saying.’

Another tweet, found amusement in the fact it doesn’t matter how famous you are, you could still be awkwardly cornered by someone you don’t want to be. 

They posted; ‘Funny, almost reassuring to see there’s no level of fame and wealth that protects you from being cornered by a sesh gremlin

Perhaps the best comparison was from another user, who shared a the image of the two stars chatting with the famous social media sight of the young lad trying to chat-up a bored-looking girl in a night club. 

Fans watching the event found Ronaldo's awkwardness amusing and posted about in online

Fans watching the event found Ronaldo’s awkwardness amusing and posted about in online 

The user put the two pictures side-by-side with the caption ‘similar energy.’ 

Ronaldo didn’t seem to have much luck with the people he was at with in the Kingdom Arena. 

Earlier in the evening Frank Warren took a spot next the the 38-year-old and cheekily told his Queensbury Promotions social feed that Ronaldo was ‘signing for Arsenal’. 

A request that was quickly shot down by the Portuguese, who laughed off the suggestion from Warren.  

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