Female police officer harassed by group of Aussie men in TikTok video

Australian blokes are called out over ‘disrespectful’ act towards police officer trying to do her job in peace: ‘Leave her alone’

  • Australian blokes slammed for disrespectful comments towards female cop
  • The group yelled in a TikTok, ‘damn this one is nice’ and ‘she should be a model’
  • Commenters took offence to the video saying the men ‘treat her like an object’

A group of men have been slammed online for their behaviour towards a police officer, commenting on her appearance as she awkwardly tries to ignore them.

The TikTok started with one man saying, ‘damn this one is nice’ to the female cop,  who looked uncomfortable with the group’s attention.

The video was captioned, ‘Somebody find this police officer and make her a model’ as the group of at least four men continue to say things to the woman.

Australian blokes have been slammed for disrespectful comments towards a female police officer. The group yell out in a TikTok video, ‘damn this one is nice’ and ‘she should be a model’

The words ‘she’s definitely in the wrong field’ was plastered across the video as the men throw comments at her, mostly telling her she should be a model. 

The TikTok from ‘Blackmagictvv’ amassed more than 2.7million views and received more than 285,000 likes.

The man recording the clip was heard saying, ‘this one is beautiful’ and ‘she should be a model not a police officer’.  

Viewers of the video were unimpressed with the group’s behaviour towards the female cop, slamming their actions in the comments section. 

 ‘Little boys don’t know when to stop,’ one person wrote.

‘”This one is nice”, “this one should be a model”, why y’all saying “this” as if she’s an object,’ said another.

‘The disrespect,’ commented a third. 

‘Poor woman gets harassed at the station too,’ a fourth said. 

Another urged the group to ‘leave her alone’ while plenty labelled the move ‘disrespectful’. 

The TikTok account is followed by more than 30,000 people and regularly posts ‘pranks’ and videos of police interactions.

In another video, a man can be heard lashing a police officer after the cop said he ‘looked like a Daniel’. 

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