Features of the microblading technique

Beautiful eyebrows are not just a makeup element, but also the main part of the image. Therefore, it is so important that they are of the correct shape and correspond to the latest fashion trends.

In recent years, natural beauty has been at the peak of popularity. And it is simply impossible to give the eyebrows naturalness with the help of pencils, shadows and other cosmetics. Therefore, such an innovative procedure as microblading is in great demand.

Features of the microblading technique

Actually, microblading is a well-forgotten old technique, apppying still in the epoc of Cleopatra when used to manually injected a pigment under the skin to make the eyebrows look natural and handsome. Later, with appearence of a special apparatus, a new tattoo technique replaced the ancient procedure.

However, it took the beauty industry a while to realize that machine-filled eyebrows will never create the desired natural look. Since then, the triumphant return of manual techniques has begun – improved and called “microblading”.

Using a special tool, the master manually applies the finest lines imitating hairs at various angles. They look three-dimensional and realistic. Unlike conventional tattooing, with this procedure, the depth of penetration is much less, so it is almost painless.

The skill of the specialist and the quality of the microblading needles used are very important for the high-quality execution of such biotattoo.


There are various types of microblading knives. In order to achieve good results after the procedure and to care for the customer, the right blade is very important. The skin of each customer is different.

The thickness, oility and sensitivity of the skin vary. The older skin is often thinner and less immune. Furthermore, the older the client is, you can recognize the laxity of the muscle, the collagen and the elastin in blood. It’s very difficult to know the skin to decide which blade to use accordingly, so it’s the final objective – a successful and happy customer.

Several different blades are available. In reality, blades are plenty of thin nails in the microblading to produce the kind of blade.

Single row blades and double row blades are available in separate pin numbers. The blades can be difficult or versatile. The needles in the total blade are placed in various shapes: the most common is the curve flexi shape (CF)/slow shape or U-shape.

The blades are extended from 7 pins to 28 pins. The number is growing and shows the density. The smaller the blades, the finer and vice versa they are. The benefit of a blade is its own.

  • 7-pin CF comb: the best blade in all. It is used in depth with thin brows. It’s an excellent blade that draws small, short fur.
  • CF blade 12-pin: The magic number may be. The most often used sword. It is a fine blade for medium-long, medium-thick eyebrow hair.
  • 14-pin CF razor: This blade is very useful for creating long, medium-thick, eyebrow hair. It’s good to draw bigger brows.

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