Farage says Brexit Party won’t stand down more candidates

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage said he would stand down no more candidates beyond the 317 Conservative seats his party has already withdrawn from.

When asked if he would stand down any further candidates, he said he would not.

“No. That’s just a sort of attempt at intimidation that has come from elements of the press. No. We are going to take on all the remainers who are standing in this country.”

Farage said he would take on Labour and remainer parties in the election.

“We’re going to stand against every single one of them,” Farage said of the Labour Party.

Also Wednesday, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said if elected, his government would not grant a referendum on Scottish independence in the first term if it is elected.

Scottish nationalists led by Nicola Sturgeon have suggested they could support a “progressive alliance” with Labour in the event of a hung Parliament at the Dec. 12 election, in return for a second independence vote.

“No referendum in the first term of a Labour government because I think we need to concentrate completely on investment across Scotland,” Corbyn told reporters.

Scottish voters opposed independence in a 2014 plebiscite but then backed remaining in the European Union in 2016, which the Scottish National Party has used to try and boost support for secession.

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