Elderly motorist crashes SIX times as he smashes into three cars and knocks down walls

This is the moment an elderly driver crashes six times in one minute as he spins around a street smashing into three cars and knocking down walls.

Shocking CCTV footage shows the pensioner in a Toyota Aygo causing carnage in Handsworth, Birmingham, on November 3.

The man pulls out at a junction and shoots across the road into a pile of bins, before careering into a wall.

He then reverses back on to the road at speed and ploughs straight into another black vehicle.

CCTV footage shows the front of the vehicle completely damaged after it crashed

CCTV footage shows the blue Toyota Aygo crash into a wall and knocked over a red bin damaging the front of the vehicle 

The blue Toyota Aygo was extremely damaged after crashing after it is believed an elderly motorist suffered a medical issue at the wheel

The blue Toyota Aygo was extremely damaged after crashing after it is believed an elderly motorist suffered a medical issue at the wheel

Nearby shoppers run to help and the driver of the black car gets out – narrowly missing being hit when the Aygo lurches past him.

It then ploughed head on into another vehicle on the road, reverses and spins around, before rocketing off the street again and crashing a fifth time.

Onlookers go to help – but the car zooms forward a final time, across the road and appears to hit a wall.

It is believed the elderly motorist who is thought to be in his 70s, suffered a medical issue at the wheel that led to the carnage.

The car zoomed across the road several times and damaged three other cars (pictured)

It hit a wall and knocked over a bin during the incident (pictured)

The car ploughed into a wall and knocked a bin over and zoomed back and forth across the road several times, crashing into and damaging three other cars

An elderly driver lost control at the wheel and crashed six times

The man crashed into at least three cars and a number of walls

An elderly driver lost control at the wheel and crashed six times in one minute – hitting at least three cars and a number of walls

A 42-year-old local said: ‘The police said it was a 70-year-old man. My friend, who was in the accident, said when the guy came to a stop, his foot was still on the accelerator.

‘My friend took his foot off. He had some kind of medical issue. It’s a bit of a crazy situation.

‘Four cars were damaged in total, including the man’s. And he hit three walls. He walked away from it though. It was very lucky.’

A spokesman for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: ‘We were called to reports of a road traffic collision on Headingley Road at 1.53pm on November 3rd, one ambulance attended the scene.

‘On arrival we discovered a car that had collided with three stationary cars and a wall.

‘We treated one patient at the scene, a man, who was the driver of the car before taking him to City Hospital for further assessment.’

West Midlands Police confirmed officers attended the scene.

It come amid growing questions over whether drivers should have to resit their test when they hit 70.

The issue of whether older people are safe on the road came under close scrutiny in January last year when the Duke of Edinburgh, then 97, was involved in a crash and overturned his Land Rover near the Queen’s Sandringham estate.

Two women needed hospital treatment after the collision.

Various statistics indeed suggest that drivers in the over-70 age group are cautious and sensible — but once a driver turns 80, the picture seems to alter.

Dr Kit Mitchell, a former aeronautical engineer and a leading expert in road safety, co-authored a report in 2016 that ‘increasingly focused on drivers over 80 as an age group at particular risk’.

‘For every mile driven, the risk of a person aged 80 or more being killed while driving is, overall, ten times higher than the lowest risk 40-49-year-old,’ he said.

‘However, new research . . . shows there is reasonable concern from insurance catastrophic claims data that older drivers, possibly those over 80, may pose a higher risk of very serious bodily injuries to third parties.

‘Older drivers have reduced ability to judge and adapt to speed and read complex driving situations. Vision, reaction times and skills in executing manoeuvres decline with age.’

There are 5,525,452 drivers aged 70 and over holding a full driver’s licence in the UK. Of these, there are 89,420 87-year-olds.

There are 153 100-year-olds who hold driving licences and four aged 108.

For older people living in rural areas the prospect of having their driving licence taken away is scary.

But there have been several serious accidents involving older drivers in recent years.

Retired textiles merchant Philip Bull, 90, hit the accelerator instead of the brake in March 2017, reversing his Ford Focus in a hospital car park and hitting Deborah Clifton, 49, and her partner of 17 years, Clare Haslam, 44. Both died.

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