Eddie Howe warns Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley that further investment will be needed

Eddie Howe warns Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley that further investment will be needed to reach her lofty ambitions… after claiming that the Magpies ‘will win the Champions League AND the Premier League’

  • Eddie Howe has responded to the lofty ambitions set by Amanda Staveley 
  • Newcastle co-owner Staveley claimed the club can ‘win the Champions League’ 
  • The Magpies boss then suggested that further investment would be needed 

Eddie Howe has warned that further investment is needed if Newcastle are to fulfil the ambition stated by Amanda Staveley this week and win the Premier League and Champions League.

The club’s co-owner responded to defeat in the Carabao Cup final when, during an interview with talkSPORT, she declared: ’We will win the Carabao Cup, we will win the FA Cup, we will win the Champions League and we will win the Premier League.’

Howe smiled when that bold statement was put to him on Friday and, while welcoming the intent, stressed that expectations also need to be tempered in the short-term. 

He also accepts that Sunday’s 2-0 loss by Manchester United was a reminder that his squad is still short when it comes to bridging the gap to the top teams.

‘It is difficult for me to say, “Yes, categorically, only money can do that”, because it takes away one of my core beliefs that you can improve players and take them on a journey with you,’ said Howe.

Eddie Howe has suggested Newcastle will need further investment to ‘win the Premier League’

Magpies co-owner Amanda Staveley made lofty claims after their Carabao Cup final defeat

Magpies co-owner Amanda Staveley made lofty claims after their Carabao Cup final defeat

‘But there is an element of truth in that you need investment to really compete at the elite level. And we’re talking to disturb the top group of teams, it’s difficult to do that without that investment. 

‘So I do feel we have more (spending) to go. We need a bigger squad. We have been stretched at times this season. We need to do that (invest) wisely and smartly.‘

Of Staveley’s comments, Howe said: ‘I love Amanda’s positivity. I’ve got no issue with it. All I’d say is, from my perspective, there’s no time limit on that because if we set targets that are maybe too short-term, that can have a negative effect and it can build external pressure that the players don’t need.

‘The next leap (forward) is harder. The speed with which the team has improved has been so quick that people assume that is simply going to continue. But it’s not that easy. 

‘Getting better gets harder the higher you go. So, we have big challenges ahead and we are going to have to be smart in what we do. My work will be judged on that evolution of the team.’

Newcastle have won just once in seven matches in the Premier League since Boxing Day and are in danger of slipping out of the European places if that form continues.

Howe, though, says his players have been distracted by the Carabao Cup run and admits he has needed to lift their spirits ahead of Saturday’s lunchtime trip to Manchester City.

‘We have had team meetings and individual meetings to try and rid the players of any, not negative emotion, but sadness,’ he said. 

Howe insisted he 'loves Amanda's positivity' but warned that progress wouldn't come 'easy'

Howe insisted he ‘loves Amanda’s positivity’ but warned that progress wouldn’t come ‘easy’

‘There was a feeling of just sadness. Sadness when you are going to play Manchester City is not a good emotion. I think that has worked, because initially it was difficult for them.’

He added: ‘The end of phase one is perhaps a nice way of putting it. We all felt a bit of closure on Sunday night, the cup adventure was over.

‘We need to get back to the Premier League and get back to playing how we were a few weeks ago. I think that’s just human nature (that players were distracted).

‘I don’t think the players could have avoided what was in their face. Now we are back to the league, starting that journey again and we want to excel.’

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