Dominic Perrottet says Sydney is Australia’s ‘truly only global city’

BREAKING NEWS The comment that will ENRAGE Dan Andrews and Anna Palaszczuk: Dominic Perrottet points at the Sydney Harbour Bridge as he delivers stunning broadside at other states

Dominic Perrottet has declared Sydney is Australia’s ‘truly only global city’ in a controversial comment set to enrage Daniel Andrews and Annastacia Palaszczuk.

The NSW Premier announced on Friday hotel quarantine will be scrapped from November as the state opens up to the rest of the world.

‘The alternative is to stay closed from the world, we’re not doing that. Sydney is Australia’s truly only global city. When people think of Australia, they think of this,’ he said as he pointed to the Harbour Bridge.

‘And we are rejoining the world and and we want returning Australians to come back.

‘I want those from other states who want to come back to come through Sydney. If you are a returning Australia and want to come here, stay in New South Wales and stay in Sydney. 

‘Have a great time here before you home and spend up big. Help our small businesses and the fact that we will be the only city and state open to the world is going to be boom time for New South Wales.’

The snub to other Australian states came after Mr Perrottet announced more freedoms would be in place in NSW as of Monday with returning vaccinated travellers now no longer needed to isolate at home. 

More to come.