Daniel Andrews is BLOCKED from joining elite golf club in Melbourne with members furious with the former Victoria Premier… here’s why

  • Dan Andrews has been blocked from an elite golf club 
  • He attempted to join Portsea Golf Club in Melbourne 
  • However, members remain furious with him 

Daniel Andrews has copped an embarrassing defeat after the golf tragic was blocked from joining one of Melbourne’s most elite clubs by angry members. 

The former Victoria Premiers’ mate, Max Beck, made a subtle approach to Portsea Golf Club powerbrokers to ask whether Andrews might be able to join.

However, Andrews has been told in no uncertain terms that his chances of joining are non-existant, with early sugggestions that he won’t even have the opportunity to make a membership application.

There remains plenty of anger on the Mornington Peninsula over Andrews’ metropolitan lockdowns during the Covid pandemic, which included the region despite being 70km away from Melbourne CBD. 

‘No they have not [forgiven him],’ said former professional golfer Mark Allen. 

Dan Andrews has been blocked from joining an elite golf club in Melbourne

Andrews, an avid golfer, attempted to join the Portsea Golf Club but was denied

Andrews, an avid golfer, attempted to join the Portsea Golf Club but was denied

‘They have not forgiven him and I can tell you this: on Friday night at the Sorrento Hotel, it was the talk of the region and to the point where not only members from Portsea, but members from other clubs were saying that if he’s trying to join anywhere down here, they just will not let him join. 

‘Well, remember, one side of the peninsula, they were able to play and they were able to get around the other side of the peninsula, they were not allowed to play.

‘Once there is an overwhelming [consensus], it’s a very easy thing to do to put a black line through their name,’ he said. 

Andrews’ friend, property baron Beck, hit out at the ‘small-minded’ attitude of members. 

‘I can’t believe how small-minded people can be,’ Mr Beck said.

‘It’s just all about a bloke who wants to play golf and enjoy the rest of his life. It’s ridiculous. 

‘He’s worked his guts out for the state with his beliefs.

‘I’m very disappointed, but we’ll just see whether the [Portsea Golf Club] committee takes into account his political beliefs or his personality and his golfing ability – they are the two things they should be assessing him on.’ 

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