Creative Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing in 2020

How to create inspiring holiday email campaigns

The most profitable time of year for most companies is the holiday season. This is the time when everyone is in a hurry to get new useful goods that will be used as gifts.

If you are looking to increase your sales during the New Year and other holidays, take care of creating a high-quality advertising campaign. Using email and email validation services, you will be able to contact customers who prefer your brand. Unique offers and cashback after purchases will be an excellent incentive for buying goods from you.

Tips for your 2020 holiday email marketing campaigns

To improve the performance of your Christmas emailing ad campaign, don’t forget about automation methods that will help you increase the number of users receiving your messages. At the same time, both welcome letters and unique offers can be subject to automation.

You can also use personalized messages, which lead to increased customer loyalty to your company. If you insert the customer’s name at the beginning of the message, it is the easiest way to personalize a message. As additional measures, you can congratulate them on important dates that are directly related to them (birthdays, the day they chose your company, and so on).

There are some words that should be included in the holiday email templates. They grab the attention of customers and increase the chances of getting feedback. They can be divided into several categories:

  •   sales (unique offers, promotions, free shipping);
  •   limited supply (only today, limited time);
  •   holiday atmosphere (congratulations, good mood, gifts);
  •   gratitude (“thank you,” “we appreciate you”).

Also, every email on holidays should contain a call to action. The obvious option is a button or a link by clicking which the client will be taken to the corresponding page of your company’s website. Some notifications may include hyperlinks, but they are easy to miss. The bright button attracts more attention.

If you opt for a fancy clickable button, make sure that it leads to a landing page or to where the customer can quickly purchase your product. When going to a certain page, the user shouldn’t have any questions regarding what to do next, because everything is obvious. If the client lands on the main page, he may get confused about the next steps and will not proceed to checkout.

The text for newsletter ideas for Christmas should be short, and the call to action should contain just a few words. Include the phrase “buy now” in the message and offer additional discounts as an incentive for a timely response to your letter.