Coronavirus cases top 2 million globally: Live updates

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said that while he will listen to the federal government’s guidance on reopening the economy, the decision will ultimately be up to individual states. 

“The feds can get the reagents, the feds can get the testing kits, the feds can tell us what type of antibody testing is approved so we can roll that out, and then at the end of the day, I think it’s the governors who are going to get it done,” Lamont said.

Lamond said Connecticut is still trying to obtain supplies such as reagents and masks from the federal government stockpile.

“That’s been really hit or miss,” Lamont said about getting necessary supplies from the government. “It’s really important that the federal government act as the central purchasing authority. Everything from masks to reagents, and then get that distributed based on need. And then we’ll get the job done.”

President Trump is expected to issue guidance today on reopening the country’s economy.

Lamont says they will weigh his guidelines, as well as ones from experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, but in the end, governors will make their own decisions for their states. 

“I think a lot of my regional governors are out there on their own,” Lamont said. “We can’t simply wait for the federal government’s guidance. But I’ll listen when it comes.”

Lamont said he won’t recommend opening businesses and schools before there is broad testing available.

“I think that would be really dangerous,” he said. 

Lamont also said he will be issuing guidelines in the coming days for wearing masks in the state to stop the spread of coronavirus. He said he wants people to wear masks whenever they aren’t able to socially distance, including at the grocery store. 

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