Common Issues Among Commercial Air Conditioners and How to Prevent Them

Commercial spaces also experience problems like residential areas. One of them is regarding HVAC. Given the number of people using the device and the number of hours the system is in use, these issues are inevitable. When the system experiences problems, it could affect the level of comfort in the workplace. These are among the typical issues with commercial air conditioning, and a few ways to prevent them.

Lack of maintenance

This issue is easy to prevent. If you can schedule regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about repair issues. Unfortunately, you might not pay enough attention to the need for maintenance services. You believe that the AC is still working well. The problem is that the signs aren’t easy to spot. Before you know it, repair issues might appear. Simple repairs will no longer suffice. Therefore, it helps to let an expert check the system even if you don’t experience any problems.

Dirty filters

You might ignore filters if the air conditioning units are working well. The problem is that when the filters are dirty, the system could get clogged. Airflow gets restricted. Air quality is also on the line. The worst part is that it eventually becomes a safety issue. The build-up of dirt could lead to overheating. By replacing the filters regularly, you can fix this problem.

Issues with the thermostat

When there’s a problem with the thermostat, the entire system might fail. It’s one of the reasons why the unit won’t turn on. Changing the batteries could easily stop this problem. If new batteries still don’t do the job, you might have to replace the entire thermostat. Avoid placing it in the direct path of light. The warmth might affect the way the thermostat reads the temperature.

The refrigerant is leaking

The refrigerant makes the HVAC units work. In the absence of this element, the unit won’t function. There are times when the system might leak refrigerant. As a result, the building no longer cools down. The leaking needs to stop as soon as possible. HVAC professionals will look into the system and find a way to prevent the leak. There might also be a need to add more refrigerant. The cause of the leak will also be resolved, so there will be no more issues in the future.

Problems with airflow

Improper airflow makes the HVAC units ineffective since the temperature becomes inconsistent. It can happen due to plenty of reasons. Usually, external factors can cause it. For instance, an object might be blocking airflow and preventing it from making the place cool. A messy work environment could also be another reason. You can quickly fix this by moving things around and clearing whatever blocks the airflow.

If your initial action still can’t solve the problem, you need to ask for help from experts. They can look at the issue and find a way to solve it.