Coles worker shows Aussies behind-the-scenes at supermarket giant

Coles worker offers Aussies a behind-the-scenes tour at the supermarket giant as she gets stuck into a clogged drain and a nasty spill

  • TikTok video shows the particularly dirty and drab jobs Coles workers need to do 
  • Jobs shown range from emptying skip bins to working in sub-zero cold-rooms 
  • Some viewers said they’d also worked at supermarkets and tasks were familiar 

A Coles worker has given Aussies a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on at the supermarket giant, shining a spotlight on the numerous drab jobs that customers don’t see. 

TikTok user carlyj1980 shared the clip last week, showing herself unclogging an ice maker, carting supplies from the cool room, emptying a skip bin full of trash, mopping up spills, and scrubbing a clogged drain on her hands and knees. 

In a tongue-in-cheek nod to the unglamorous work, the clip is overdubbed with various members of the famously wealthy Kardashian family proclaiming they’re ‘just living life’.

The clip has been viewed by more than 180,000 people and attracted a flood of comments, many of whom said it showed a pretty accurate account of what it was like working for a big supermarket.

‘As a Coles worker this is just such a vibe,’ one person said.

‘This is literally exactly what I do,’ another said.

‘Oh yeah, cleaning out those drains is always my favourite,’ added a third.

While the supermarket has cut back on checkout workers by rolling out self-service aisles in recent years, it seems the grunt work is still largely done by hand.

Many commenters on the video said they also worked at a large supermarket and it was a pretty accurate representation of their day

TikTok user carlyj1980

She shared a clip doing a number of job customers rarely ever see

TikTok user carly j1980 shared a clip showing herself doing a number of unglamorous jobs working for Coles (pictured)

But deliveries could be the next process to get the tech treatment, with the grocery chain announcing last week that it would be offering to deliver customers’ online shopping orders by drone.

‘We are delighted to be expanding our drone delivery pilot program with Wing to our Queensland customers,’ Coles Head of Network Development and Customer Delivery James Geddes said.

‘The service will provide a convenient and effective way of delivering everyday essentials to our customers’ homes in a matter of minutes.’ 

The program is set to be available from Wednesday at the Ormeau Village Shopping Centre store on the Gold Coast.