Chaos at the Australian Open 2024 as SEAGULL delays match at Margaret Court Arena

  • A seagull caused an Australian Open match to be delayed 
  • Dominic Thiem and Felix Auger Aliassime were visibly frustrated 
  • But fans at Margaret Court Arena found the incident hilarious 

There were chaotic scenes late on Monday night at the Australian Open as a first round match was delayed due to an unexpected visitor.

Felix Auger Aliassime was momentarily stunned when, lining up to produce a second serve, he saw a seagull land on the opposite side of the court, where Dominic Thiem was waiting to return at Margaret Court Arena.

The sizeable bird waddled over an picked up a bug on the court, before flying in circles around the court, much to the amusement of the crowd.

‘He wants a front row seat, he’s heard it’s getting good here,’ said the commentator. ‘I mean, how are we going to get this guy out of here?

‘He’s enjoying being the star of the show.’

Tennis reporter Stuart Fraser tweeted: ‘Play delayed on the Margaret Court Arena because a seagull is flying around the stadium. It’s quarter past midnight.’ 

More to follow. 

A seagull momentarily stopped play at the Australian Open on Monday night

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