Chalked message reserving Brisbane public park tables send social media users into a frenzy

Fury over handwritten chalk message on a footpath next to a gazebo in a public park

  • A handwritten chalk message has sparked furore online
  • The message was reserving park gazebos in Brisbane 
  • It is unsure if they had actually booked with council  
  • Reddit users criticised the person who wrote the message

A handwritten chalk message reserving tables at a public park has sparked furore among social media users.

The message was written just outside of a gazebo in a Brisbane park, attempting to reserve it from 5pm to 9pm on January 17.

It is unsure if those behind the message had reserved the space with Brisbane City Council. 

A handwritten chalk message reserving a gazebo (pictured) at a public park in Brisbane has sparked furore among social media users

Brisbane City Council states that only certain areas within parks can be booked for non-commercial or community based events.

‘[They can’t reserve] unless it’s at a site of one of the limited places you can actually book and pay for. But I doubt it,’ one social media user wrote. 

However many who have previously booked parts of public parks for events such as weddings noted the Council has shrugged its shoulders when asked to remove people from booked areas. 

‘It [reserving] costs money and they also can’t guarantee you the space – people can still use it as it’s public,’ another social media user wrote.

An image of the message was posted to Reddit with the caption ‘Thoughts on reserving at public parks?’ 

The post provoked terse responses from users. 

‘Do it how it should be done – get there two hours earlier than you need and put your stuff over what you require and stay there until your party turns up,’ one Reddit user wrote.

Reddit users mostly ridiculed the attempt to reserve the gazebo with a chalk booking (pictured)

Reddit users mostly ridiculed the attempt to reserve the gazebo with a chalk booking (pictured)

Another replied, saying: ‘They haven’t met my friends, water and chalk eraser.’

‘Do the muppets a favour and wash the chalk off. Just like their dreams of being there from 5pm,’ one user agreed. 

‘Nope. Same as gym equipment. Either you are there using it or someone else will,’ another user commented. 

One user who agreed with the sign said ‘certain parks have bookable areas. 

‘IMO [In My Opinion] if it’s bookable … it makes sense to give a warning so people don’t have to pack up once they’re already set up.’