Castle where millionaire tycoon murdered his escort girlfriend goes up for sale for nearly £1million


:: August – Miss Symonds moves into Castle Bungalow in Llanmartin, a property owned by Peter Morgan and his estranged wife Helen.

:: November 9 – Morgan installs a listening device at the bungalow.

:: November 15 – Peter Deem, the partner of Miss Symonds, goes missing after arguing with her in text messages.

:: November 17 – Mr Deem’s body is found. He has taken his own life by hanging.

:: November 21 – Miss Symonds threatens to blackmail Morgan with intimate photographs and videos.

:: December 11 – Miss Symonds meets Mr Deem’s best friend, Thomas Ballinger, at his wake. They start an affair.


:: January 10 – Miss Symonds and Mr Ballinger discuss her plans to blackmail Morgan, which Morgan overhears.

:: January 11

3.19am – Morgan makes a list on his iPhone reading: ‘String, 02, poly, glove, snip, handle, tape, Special K, starter, rag, adapter’.

10.56am – CCTV cameras at Beech Hill Farm, Morgan’s marital home, show him collecting a metal pole and rope from a workshop.

:: January 12

9.47am – Miss Symonds speaks to best friend Alexy Butcher for three minutes. Morgan arrives at the bungalow during the conversation.

11.38am – Morgan calls Miss Symonds’ mother, Deborah, and raises concerns about her drug use. He has already strangled Miss Symonds.

11.57am – CCTV cameras show Morgan arriving at Beech Hill Farm in his Porsche Cayenne and parking near the workshop.

12.01pm – Morgan removes Miss Symonds’ body – wrapped in polythene and tape – from the Porsche and carries it into the workshop, along with a black bag of her belongings.

12.09pm – Morgan leaves the farm.

3.15pm – Miss Symonds fails to collect her daughter from school and her mother is alerted.

5.30pm – Miss Butcher goes to the bungalow to look for Miss Symonds and meets Morgan there.

8.14pm – Miss Butcher reports Miss Symonds missing to Gwent Police. 

:: January 13

12am – Morgan accompanies police to Maindee police station.

4.45am – Morgan tells two detectives: ‘I can’t take it, I need to tell you. I strangled her this morning. I took her body to Beech Hill Farm. She is in the building there. I loved her so much.’

4.47am – Morgan is arrested on suspicion of murder. He tells detectives that Miss Symonds’ body is locked in an outbuilding and hands over a set of keys.

6am – Police officers attend Beech Hill Farm and discover Miss Symonds’ body and the bag containing her belongings.

:: January 14

3.57pm – Morgan is charged with the murder of Miss Symonds.

:: January 27 – Pathologist Dr Richard Jones carries out a post-mortem examination on Miss Symonds and concludes she was strangled.

:: November 28 – Morgan goes on trial at Newport Crown Court accused of Miss Symonds’ murder.

:: December 21 – The jury finds Morgan guilty of murder.