Cardi B. vows she’s never getting plastic surgery again

The “Press” rapper was recently forced to postpone multiple concerts to spend proper time recovering from liposuction and breast augmentation procedures, and she’s over it.

“I been working out for the past 2 weeks cause b**** I ain’t getting surgery again,” she tweeted Wednesday.

Cardi showed fans her swollen feet on June 11 on Instagram Stories, writing, “Look how swollen my feet get every time I take a plane imagine my body Reasons why doctors told me to chill on shows … My stomach gets even more puffy. My feet and stomach burn when I get puffed up.”

She’s been under strict orders from her doctor to take the proper time to heal before returning to the stage.

“You know, I hate canceling shows because I love money,” Cardi told followers in May on Instagram. “I’m a money addict, and I get paid a lot of money, a lot of money for these shows … like I’m cancelling millions of dollars in shows. But like, health is wealth, so I have to do what I have to do. My breasts gotta f—- heal, and it is what it is.”