Canberra man, 24, on his P plates has car seized after racing police he thought were his mates

Man in sleek black BMW thought a fully marked police car was his ‘mates’ trying to race him before he was pulled over after doing 160km/h

  • A Canberra man, 24, was pulled over for driving twice the legal speed limit
  • The man, who is on his P-plates, believed police were ‘mates’ trying to race him
  • Police seized the man’s car after he admitted to participating in a street race

A 24-year-old man had his car seized and faces a huge fine after he mistook a fully marked police car for friends trying to race him.

Canberra police said officers were on patrol in Florey on Sunday night when they saw a black BMW 323i sedan race away at 161km/h – double the speed limit.

The driver pulled over, as directed by police, and admitted to officers that he thought they were ‘his mates trying to race him’.    

A 24-year-old man’s car has been seized  (pictured) after he admitted to police he was trying to race them because he thought they were his friends trying to street race

‘The driver confirmed to the officers he was attempting to race their marked police vehicle and stated he had only recently regained his licence having previously lost it for speeding,’ police said.

The man, who is on his provisional drivers licence, will face court for street racing – an offence that carries significant fines and the potential loss of licence. 

Acting Inspector Steve Booth said he was dismayed by the incident after three fatalities on ACT roads in the previous three days. 

‘It is difficult to express my incredulity at driver behaviour like this example,’ Mr Booth said.

‘Less than 48 hours before this incident, about a kilometre down the road, my officers and I spent several hours attending the scene of a crash where a man had died.

‘While the investigation into that incident, and two other deaths since Thursday night are still progressing, I would be very surprised if excessive speed was not a major contributing factor in all three cases.

‘I have a simple message to drivers, and it does not change. Slow down.’