Canada’s next governor general Mary Simon to be officially installed July 26

Mary Simon will officially become Canada’s governor general later this month.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named Simon, an Inuk leader and former Canadian diplomat, as his choice to be the Queen’s representative in Canada last week.

Canadian Heritage says a July 26 ceremony will formally make Simon Canada’s 30th governor general — the first Indigenous person to serve in the role.

The appointment came amid grief and anger at the federal government over the historic and current treatment of Indigenous people in Canada after several First Nations used ground-penetrating radar to find the unmarked graves of children at former residential schools.

Simon also enters Rideau Hall after her predecessor, former astronaut Julie Payette, resigned in January following an external review that found the office had become a toxic workplace.

Many are speculating that the prime minister will trigger an election soon — which means Simon could soon be visited by Trudeau recommending that she dissolve the minority Parliament.