Can Mandir Analyzes The Position Of E-commerce In 2020

The pandemic came unexpectedly. As a result, the economic sector had no time to prepare for it. At the hands of the pandemic, many companies incurred losses after losses. However, e-commerce continued to grow even with the pandemic in play.

Can Mandir, a successful drop shipper, explains the year 2020 in reference to e-commerce. In addition to that, he analyzes the position of e-commerce during the pandemic and the future position of crypto and e-commerce in a post-pandemic world.

How the pandemic affected e-commerce?

Surprisingly, the pandemic turned out to be a catalyst for the growth of e-commerce. Unlike other economic sectors, e-commerce didn’t depreciate from its previous position. Moreover, it surged by 82%. Below is why e-commerce remained unaffected by the pandemic:

  • Online retail gained more consumers as the offline world was shut off.
  • The demand for home deliveries increased as going out was a threat to health.
  • Businesses operating online benefitted from a change in consumer’s behavior.
  • Shopping online was more convenient as the online market wasn’t restricted.

Thus, all the points mentioned above led to the growth of e-commerce.

The status of dropshipping

Being a part of e-commerce, dropshipping didn’t fall behind. Changing consumer behavior supported the success of many drop shippers like Can Mandir. Businesses have now started reaching out to consumers. It has been one of the major reasons why dropshipping keeps flourishing.

Apart from the success of dropshipping, many people have been worried about the shipping of products. The worry stems from the restrictions placed on shipping companies and deliveries. However, Can Mandir relieves this stress by quoting, “There are not that many restrictions on shipping terms or policies.” A delay may be witnessed if considered to the previous conditions. Still, there isn’t anything to worry about.

How to be a successful drop shipper

How to be a successful drop shipper is a question often wondered by the participants of e-commerce. The first thing one can do is eliminate the only barrier to e-commerce. Can Mandir believe that the barrier is the thinking of people? He claims, “People’s mindset is often the biggest barrier. It has never been easier to shop or sell online”.

Other pieces of advice by the entrepreneur are:

  • Focus on email marketing as it can make consumers believe they are important to the firm.
  • Utilize advertising as smartphones are one of the most used devices or today.
  • Be patient and disciplined. Working hard is as important as being constant.

Can crypto be the future?

Yes, Can Mandir believes that crypto can be the future. His optimism about crypto’s future is based on his foresight as well as Elon Musk’s interest in crypto. Mandir believes that crypto may soon make its place and may be considered a necessity in the future.

While crypto, as of now, remains absent from economies as well as e-commerce, the future for e-commerce looks promising. Thus, agents of e-commerce should equip themselves with the correct knowledge regarding e-commerce.

Will e-commerce keep on growing after the pandemic?

Since e-commerce has flourished due to the pandemic, many people believe it to stop there. However, it isn’t so. While the pandemic has acted as a booster for e-commerce growth, it has also changed consumer’s behavior which is why it is here to stay.

Below are some other reasons why e-commerce will not falter even in post-pandemic conditions:

  • The virtual market is more convenient. Thus, consumers are unlikely to go back to offline markets.
  • The virtual world offers a wide range of selections in one place, whereas in an offline setup, one has to visit a thousand different stores for variety.
  • Consumer habits are likely to remain the same once they are established.