Buy any property with GTA 5 money drop PS4

Each GTA5 player has a choice either to earn money or use GTA 5 money drop PS4 to buy any properties that have the potential to generate a profit. Let’s take a look at what constructions and premises you may acquire to get the most advantage during the playthrough.

In all prior GTAs, the player could also make their own financial pyramid. The fifth part was no exception as there you have to manage not just extreme, crime, and sports but also different businesses. Up to twenty-five property items including clubs, garages, theatres, hangars, and others will let you practice in the financial area.

Features of the game property available for purchase

Three property items are separate garages for vehicles. The rest are helicopter landing pads, piers, and aircraft hangars. Out of 25, only 15 properties will bring you passive income. The purchase of some outlets has its own advantages, for example, by buying a strip club, all services for you will become completely free.

If you buy a tuning studio, then their services will not take away your finances. By the way, the Vanilla Unicorn club is not included in these twenty-five objects, as it belongs to the Vaults.

It is also worth noting that some venues are available for purchase exclusively by certain characters, while others can be purchased by anyone from the three. But each business can have only one owner. After paying the cost of the facility, the colored marker will appear on the map. The color scheme is as follows:

  • Michael’s property is blue.
  • Trevor’s is orange.
  • Franklin’s is green.

If you want to purchase any property item, you need to go to the mark of the house and dollar on the map, then go to the DYNASTY 8 stand. It is obvious that you must have enough money in your account to make a purchase. After that, the manager contacts you and draws up the purchase and sale transaction. However, it also happens that before buying the character has to complete several management tasks.

You will get access to buying real estate in Los Santos immediately after completing the Nervous Ron story mission. However, after this mission, the player only obtains the opportunity to buy objects outside the city.

After the successful completion of the Reuniting Friends task, all real estate objects will be available to you. The main thing is that you must have enough money to buy them. The exception is a Tequi-La-La bar as you will need to fulfill several other conditions to be eligible to buy it.

Property items for business worth your attention

So, what you can buy, and what benefits each object holds? Let’s start with McKenzie Airfield, which only Trevor can acquire. The cost of this item is $150,000. Its purchase will allow the character to engage in the assembly and delivery of weapons. Each of these actions brings a decent profit that will be instantly transferred to the player’s account.

The second personal business opportunity is a taxi company called Downtown Cab Co., available to Franklin. This property is priced at $200,000. After the purchase, the player will be able to trade as a private taxi driver for VIPs. Purchasing a taxi fleet will allow you to get the All’s Fare in Love and War achievement by completing one assignment.

The third item is a water station. This object costs $250,000 and is available to all three characters. Regrettably, there is no weekly income but the player can get a nice $940,000 fresh buck for completing the task of collecting nuclear waste.

As a bonus, you will get scuba gear, a motor boat, and a bathyscaphe. The cost of the water station also includes a pier, a small building, and BF Injection.