Brione Ramsey-Brooks: Meet the 6’5″, 455-Pound TCU Freshman who is sending college football fans wild before he’s ever played a single game!

Meet the 6’5″, 455-Pound TCU Freshman who is sending college football fans wild before he’s even played a game!

  • Brione Ramsey-Brooks will bring his bruising frame to college football this year
  • He and the Horned Frogs will open up the season vs. Colorado on September 2
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Football fans are used to seeing some big frames, but one TCU offensive lineman is sending the college football community into a frenzy – before even playing a single game.

Freshman Brione Ramsey-Brooks, a former three-star recruit, is listed by his school’s website at an astonishing 6-foot-5 and 455 pounds.

And a tweet highlighting that physique has since received 5.4million impressions, with fans offering their incredulous reactions.

‘in awe at the size of the lad… an absolute unit,’ one said.

‘This young man is my favorite athlete of all time,’  The Ringer’s Kevin Clark added. 

‘God, I don’t ask for much but please let a pass get deflected into his hands with a wide open field,’ another said. 

Brione Ramsey-Brooks, seen in high school, is already proving to be a college fan favorite

A tweet highlighting Brione Ramsey-Brooks' massive frame has gone viral on Twitter

A tweet highlighting Brione Ramsey-Brooks’ massive frame has gone viral on Twitter

However, other fans were concerned with Ramsey-Brooks’ weight – which has apparently ballooned since his high school days.

As a recruit at South Oak Cliff High School in Texas, Ramsey-Brooks was listed 75 pounds lighter by 247 Sports, at 380 pounds.

‘There is a reason you don’t see linemen at this size,’ one fan said. ‘That is way way too big to be successful at a D1 level.’

‘That can’t be healthy,’ another said. 

In high school, Ramsey-Brooks helped lead South Oak Cliff to consecutive state championships his junior and senior years, according to TCU’s website.

The bruising offensive lineman will now hope to contribute to a TCU squad which made the national championship game last season.

The Horned Frogs will open the season vs. Deion Sanders’ Colorado on September 2.