Brazen thieves steal trolleys of Vodka Cruisers and other booze from BWS in Burton, Adelaide

Brazen moment masked and hooded ‘eshays’ steal trolleys full of alcohol from a busy bottle shop as disgusted customers and staff watch on helplessly

  •  Brazen masked thieves steal trolleys of alcohol from BWS in Adelaide’s north
  • Fled the store with their loot as angry staff and customers watched on 
  • Footage shared TikTok sparked debate as whether they should have done more
  • South Australian Police confirm they’re investigating Saturday’s robbery
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Astonishing footage has emerged of brazen thieves stealing cartons of booze from a bottle shop as shocked customers watch on in horror.

A manhunt has been launched for four masked males involved in a daylight robbery at Springback Plaza BWS at Burton in Adelaide’s north on Saturday.

Footage later shared on TikTok shows a group of males dressed like ‘eshays’ wearing hoodies over their heads stacking three trolleys high with cartons of alcohol, including raspberry Vodka Cruisers, cider and whisky and cola.

The thieves try to shield their faces as they run out of the store without paying for their expensive haul, despite the protests of a female staff member and disgusted customers.

The brazen thieves fled the BWS store with three trolleys full of alcohol

‘I hope you’re proud guys!’ one man calls out.

‘F****** wankers’ 

The video attracted almost half a million views and almost 2,000 comments within hours..

Debate raged about whether customers and staff should have intervened and stopped them.

‘First few seconds was rather obvious these folks weren’t paying.. why was the door open?’ one commented.

Another added: ‘Should have some sort of system that has a button behind the counter to lock the automatic sliding doors.

Others believed bystanders and staff made the right decision to let them go without outting themselves at risk. 

‘All the people commenting ‘how come no one stopped them!?’ have clearly never worked in a bottle-o before,’ One woman then argued:

Another added: ‘Let ‘em go, not worth the risk. Karma will catch up with them.’

The males tried to shield their faces as they plan to make their getaway from the store

The males tried to shield their faces as they plan to make their getaway from the store

Some viewers poked fun at the thieves’ choice of liquor.

‘Unprofessional, at least pinch the top shelf stuff,’ one commented.

Another quipped: ‘Took the girliest drinks on the shelf.’

South Australia Police confirmed to Daily Mail Australia late Saturday they’re investigating the incident which occurred at Waterloo Corner Road shortly before 2pm.

‘The four thieves loaded up shopping trolleys with alcohol and made off without payment,’ a spokeswoman said.

‘There were no injuries reported during the incident.

‘Investigations into the theft are continuing.

Online viewers questions why customers and staff didn't do more to stop the thieves

Online viewers questions why customers and staff didn’t do more to stop the thieves

Anyone who recognises anyone in the vision or has any information that may help to identify the suspects is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The males were wearing wearing shorts, tracksuit pants, puff jackets and other clothing associated with ‘eshays’

Traditionally, eshays tend to come from low income areas, with the subculture growing out of Sydney’s inner-city graffiti scene in the 1980s. 

Eshays are now more mainstream and widely promoted on social media.

An eshay is easily identifiable by sports trainers, worn with polo shirts, puffer jackets, tracksuit pants or baggy shorts and baseball caps.

Police are now investigating the brazen theft in Adelaide's north on Saturday

Police are now investigating the brazen theft in Adelaide’s north on Saturday