Brady in retirement & paper boy Josh Allen: All 32 NFL teams’ 2023 schedule release videos

The NFL has officially released its schedule and fans across the country watched on as their favorite teams found some innovative ways of showing their supporters what they can look forward to.

In years gone by, schedule release day was simply a sheet of paper with the fixtures on, but now it is a chance for the creative departments to shine. 

In the Class of 2023, some teams evoke television shows, like the Chicago Bears. Others invite celebrities and famous athletes, such as the Tennessee Titans. 

From a fake retirement home for New England Patriots players to letting the Buffalo Bills live their dreams in different jobs, the NFL gets wacky when they drop their slate of games.

Here, takes a look at the best and the worst of ALL 32 teams’ 2023 NFL Schedule release videos. Some you’ll enjoy, some you won’t… but it’s all part of the fun.

The NFL officially released its schedule of all 32 teams for the 2023 season on Thursday night


Buffalo Bills: Making Dreams Come True 

General manager Brandon Beane set up the idea that the Bills wanted to make their players dreams come true – and just to drop their ideas in a bucket.

From Josh Allen wanting to be a paper boy, to the offensive line pranking Bills reporter Steve Tasker, to RB Damien Harris playing a video game on the stadium jumbotron, Buffalo was able to make all their wishes come true.

Meanwhile, hints as to who they were playing were scattered throughout the stadium as people passed by. 


New England Patriots: Brady comes home for his retirement

Devin McCourty, the recently retired Patriots legend in the defensive secondary, was seen being dropped off outside the ‘Patriots Retirement House’ by his twin brother Jason.

With New England legends like Rob Ninkovich and Andre Tippett in the sketch, the Patriots had themes for each opponent on their schedule.

At the end, there’s a ring on the doorbell, with McCourty opening it as the ‘rookie’. He immediately beams when he ‘sees’ former teammate Tom Brady at the door asking if there’s ‘room for one more’ on the day it was revealed the greatest quarterback of all time would be honored at their Week 1 game against Philadelphia. 


New York Jets: Nice… we’ll take it

Trevor Rainbolt, a guy who has made his living and his fame on TikTok by becoming phenomenal at the game ‘GeoGuessr’ was tasked with getting the schedule opponents correct.

The catch was: Rainbolt could only see half the image of a city of one of the Jets opponents, the picture was in black and white, and he was only shown the picture for 0.1 seconds.

Nevertheless, he was able to get them all right – ending each correct guess with his signature catchphrase of ‘Nice… we’ll take it’.


Miami Dolphins: Movie magic 

After last season – where injuries could best describe their campaign as a horror film – Miami revealed their schedule at a movie theater downtown.

With schedule dates popping up between popcorn prices and posters, the Dolphins had a creative way of showing who they’d be playing. 


Tennessee Titans: A country music showcase with a wrestler’s flair

At a legendary downtown Nashville honky tonk, we see WWE superstar Sheamus overseeing a bar of rowdy patrons.

With various decor on the walls – from records to writing to even bar napkins – the schedule is slowly but surely revealed.

At the end, country music star Keith Urban performs for the audience to their delight as Tennessee fans get ready for their season. 


Houston Texans: A block party for the new kids on the block

After the Texans made a splash on the draft by taking a new quarterback in C.J. Stroud and the top defensive player in Will Anderson Jr, what better way to invite them to H-Town with a block party?

Complete with some of the Bayou City’s most tricked out rides, their schedule release had one of the more unique local takes on a schedule release.


Indianapolis Colts: A buffet of matchups

Deviating from the more creative side, the Colts had a unique and lighthearted way to take in the 2023 schedule.

DeForest Buckner and Grover Stewart were given plenty of plates as they ate their way through Indianapolis’s campaign.

It’s a great way to show off the culinary masterpieces in each city they’re visiting. 


Jacksonville Jaguars: You couldn’t write this stuff

After a viral revelation last season that the NFL is ‘scripted’ the Jaguars took a behind the scenes look at the writers who make all that magic happen.

It’s a long video, but a hilarious premise and the Jaguars deserve credit for their execution.


The Tennessee Titans again: People in Nashville should learn their football

Finally, the Titans struck gold again by asking random passersby on Nashville’s famous Lower Broadway to name their opponents by guessing the logo

Guesses range from the Cowboys (for the Colts), the Red Horses (for the Falcons), the Cowboys (for the Colts, again), the St. Louis Rams (for the Saints), and Lightning McQueen (for the Chargers).

We dare you to watch this and not crack at least a smile. 


Cleveland Browns: A scheduling Smackdown that will last you all Summer Slam long

With the theme of an AEW match (somehow being called by rival WWE star The Miz), the Browns came up with a clever way to show their schedule off.

But there are so many contradictions? Do the Browns know that their Dawg Pound Wrestling (DPW) would rival the WWE? Why are there references to both? Did Miz know that he’d be calling an AEW match?

Nevertheless, the cartoons are perfectly executed and it’s a job well done. 


Cincinnati Bengals: There’s a schedule reveal for that

By going week-to-week as if one were scrolling through apps on a phone, the Bengals showed off their techier side.

Plus, they included a cameo of Cincinnati mayor Aftab Pureval enjoying some self-deprecation after his incorrect AFC Championship game prediction.


Pittsburgh Steelers: Brought to you by the War Department

The Steelers decided to theme their schedule reveal toward something one would see out of a 1950’s informational film.

Its well executed and rookie tight end Zach Gentry is the perfect main character for this role.


Baltimore Ravens: Lamar Jackson’s contractual obligations

After Baltimore made Lamar Jackson the best yearly paid quarterback in the NFL, there’s no better person to announce the Ravens schedule.


Los Angeles Chargers: An anime video with a billion Easter eggs

After last year’s viral success of an anime theme for their schedule release, the Chargers decided to run it back and dropped an equally amazing anime video.

This time, the cameos were aplenty as Stephen A. Smith and Mina Kimes of ESPN, Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe of Fox, and Pat McAfee were shown in the creation.

Not to mention the boatload of Easter Eggs covering each team from the Titans (with mayo and a half-eaten banana for Will Levis), to the Vikings (a banner reads ‘Mentioned in a Lizzo Song’), and even a subtle jab at the Knicks (with a Times Square sign reading Trae Young: King of Broadway).

This video is worth watching and re-watching to find every single hidden gem and to truly appreciate the artwork.


Denver Broncos: Broncos, Beats, Battlestar Galactica

With Peyton Manning playing the roll of Michael Scott – and starring a few members of the American version of ‘The Office’ – hijinks ensue in the Broncos’ headquarters.

There are plenty of references to the comedy show in here enough to make fans of the show happy and keep them busy.


Kansas City Chiefs: Another phone themed video

Did you know that people have telephones? And that they text on them? In what’s seemingly a recurring theme, the Chiefs decided to have different apps showcase their schedule.


Las Vegas Raiders: They’ve got the dates

In a fun 80’s-inspired montage, the Raiders dropped their schedule from all corners of their organization. 


New York Giants: The keys to success

In a unique way of releasing their schedule, the New York Giants sent their players into an escape room.

There, they learned who their upcoming opponents would be at the same time as fans who were watching the video. 


Philadelphia Eagles: Philly’s gone to the dogs

In a simple video, Philadelphia used the canine companions of many of their players to reveal their schedule.


Washington Commanders: The benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The Commanders new mascot, Major Tuddy, used an AI program to help inform fans of each week that they’ll be playing through a part of the video unique to that city.

It’s much better than what we’ll see from other organizations that use AI… 


Dallas Cowboys: A reveal so good, they could make a show out of it

Taylor Sheridan, the creator of popular TV drama ‘Yellowstone’ accidentally received the Cowboys’ schedule instead of his latest script.

Various current and former Cowboys are seen taking part in an ‘audition’ for the show – all masterminded by Jerry Jones, of course


Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Any fears that AI could replace comedy writing were immediately dissuaded after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers released a weird, humorless video with their mascots.

Both of Tampa’s mascots appeared, with a script written by artificial intelligence providing the cringiest dialogue you could imagine for a pirate.

But the sketch seems aware of how unfunny it is: with the title ‘Extremely Hilarious and Pirate Themed Schedule Release Skit’.


New Orleans Saints: Another behind-the-scenes look at the script

New Orleans also offered their unique take on the ‘scripting’ rumors with a writing session of their own.


Carolina Panthers: The show must go on

A bunch of skits to reveal the schedule involve everyone on the team – including first overall pick Bryce Young. 


Atlanta Falcons: TikTok’s answer to a schedule release

Various TikTok celebrities and Atlanta rap legends Big Boi and Quavo reveal A-Town’s schedule for the year.



Chicago Bears: The Bears spoof ‘The Bear’

FX’s hit show ‘The Bear’ focuses on a young chef who returns to his hometown of Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop.

The Chicago Bears took this idea and ran with it by putting together a video with this exact theme featuring former Bears player Charles Tillman and WWE star Seth Rollins.

In a contrast from the gritty television show, there’s an element of humor in this video as meal tickets display the opponents the Bears will face this season.


Green Bay Packers: Call now and we’ll double your offer

Styled like an As Seen on TV infomercial product, the Packers even threw a filter over the video to make it look like it’s straight off a television in the 1990s. 


Minnesota Vikings: A drone’s eye view

Take a tour through the Vikings facilities via a drone flying through the practice fields, locker rooms, television studios and more.


Detroit Lions: AI and a Tik Tok trend combine

There’s a popular trend going around Tik Tok of people playing video games while the current President of the United States and various ex-Presidents all chat while playing video games. People match the Presidents’ voices using an AI voiceover.

Well, the Lions decided to do that – but this time, using head coach Dan Campbell and general manager Brad Holmes. 



Arizona Cardinals: Blink and you’ll miss it

Ever wonder what it’s like to get hit in the face by a pass from Kyler Murray? Well, here’s your chance. 


Los Angeles Rams: Hey look, more phones

It’s not necessarily the Rams fault, but this is a kind of video we’ve seen many years before – as well as many times this year. 


San Francisco 49ers: Back to the Bay

Bay Area rapper Locksmith drops some bars, but while San Francisco fans may love the local flair others from outside the Golden Gate may shudder.


Seattle Seahawks: F for effort

The Seahawks didn’t even give us a video. Instead, it’s just a graphic. Boooooooo.