Bloc fails to muster unanimous support for motion backing Quebec’s constitutional changes

A Bloc Québécois motion seeking support for Quebec’s proposed constitutional amendments failed to pass unanimously in the House of Commons on Wednesday.

In order to pass, the motion needed to meet no opposition from MPs. Former Liberal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, now an independent MP, seemed to indicate she voted against it. 

“Dismaying how political partisanship/pandering leads MPs to abandon core legal norms,” Wilson-Raybould said on her Twitter account. 

The failure to receive unanimous support means the motion will likely be debated at a later date, with MPs’ votes recorded.

The motion asked the House to agree that Quebec can unilaterally alter the Constitution when it comes to matters solely within its jurisdiction.

It also asks the House to recognize Quebec’s desire to amend the Constitution to include recognition of Quebecers as a nation. It also declares that French is Quebec’s only official language and is also Quebec’s common language.,

The proposed amendments are contained in Bill 96, legislation tabled by the Quebec government earlier this month aimed at strengthening protections for the French language.