Black bear checks out Whistler resort lobby but doesn’t check in

A curious black bear wandering through an open lobby door into the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler was caught on a hotel security camera on July 13, before turning tail and walking out.

The large bear is seen sniffing the air and lumbering into the lobby, where it wandered about for a short time, before heading back out the way it came in the early hours of the warm morning.

In the footage, the bear appears to check out the space, peering at the furniture and the concierge desk.

“The manager on duty saw the new guest right away and was able to safely escort the bear out of the building. No guests encountered the animal on the property,” said Chelan Goonetilleke, director of marketing for the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler. 

A black bear wanders into the Four Seasons Resort lobby on July 13 and gets escorted out … eventually. 0:25

He said Whistler-based staff are trained to deal with wildlife, a common sight in the village. 

As for the overnight manager who first spotted the furry guest, Goonetilleke said he remained cool.

“Locals here are quite used to bears so they are usually not panicked. He let the bear follow its own path as it entered and exited the same way,” he wrote in a text.

The bear has not returned.