Benefits of Using One of the Best Electronic Logs ELD for Truck Driver

There are many different ways that truck drivers can benefit from the efficiencies of electronic logging devices, and one of the best electronic logs helps to increased efficiency.

And this can mean spending more time behind the wheel – which for commercial truck drivers, means higher pay:

The FMCSA reports that a truck driver saves around The FMCSA reports that a truck driver saves 20hrs each year by using one of the best electronic logs devices over paper logs.

Therefore, Truckers can save an additional 5 – 10 hours of driving time per week by rounding to the nearest minute for stops, rather than the nearest 15 on paper logs.

Check-calls, as well as forwarding hours to dispatch, are all done by the ELD.  And when a driver wants to call anyway, all compliance details are available in the spot.

Using one of the best electronic logs devices can significantly accelerate inspections by streamlining Hours of Service data, reducing reporting errors as well as automating the compliance process – which all allows the truck drivers to get back on the road quickly.

Enjoy Time off the Road

For owner-operator, an ELD may serve as an in-cab assistant, helping them to keep track of their time on the road and optimizing their management skills:

Drivers get sound and visual alerts ahead of break times, so they can be on the streets looking for a good location to pull off the road and relax.

Boost Driver and company Reputation

ELDs often warn drivers when their 11-hour working day is about to run out to assist them in preventing an overtime violation.

ELD’s are always the most credible on-the-road witnesses. The device tracks what is happening like any other device, they don’t lie, and they really don’t remember imperfectly or incorrectly: their record is always accurate.

The ELD serves as a “black box,” documenting driver and vehicle behavioral patterns accurately before, after, and during an incident.

The ELD device’s recorded information is tamper-proof, so its evidence can be included in the legal record.

And this makes reconstruction of accidents and defense against lawsuits simple for carriers, where the blame should be passed to the other driver.

The e-log device enables fleet managers to access driver routes as well as ETAs. No unnecessary calls and no hassle to the operators when a client requests and changed the delivery schedule.

Automatic vehicle monitoring will also help the carrier to dispute on-time delivery statements, which are dubious. The ELD knows that at the delivery location, a truck was waiting, and for how long.

Helps Carrier to Save Money and Can Help drivers to Make Money

With the use of one of the best electronic logs devices, Hour of service (HOS) fines are more readily avoidable, penalties for violations get rarer, and time-sensitive Incentives would be easier to handle.

Increases Overall Productivity

Electronic logging devices help truck drivers to eliminate the need to fill out entire paper driving logs.

Truck drivers spend more than 20 hours a year on paperwork, or around 15 minutes in a working day, according to the FMCSA.

It may sound like a small number, however cutting paperwork adds driving time to the driver’s log every day – and therefore improves overall productivity.


The advantages of using Electronic logging devices in trucks outweigh the drawbacks of implementing a new method of data management for truck drivers as well as trucking companies alike.

The Simplistic processes, accelerated business operations, and accurate tracking are just some of the advantages of using one of the best electronic logs devices.

Thanks to the implementation of the ELDs as a reasonable part of the fleet operational protocol, we expect substantial operating cost savings to continue throughout the year.

Change can be challenging, but one of the best electronic logs helps drivers up to the challenge.