Backpacker rages about ‘skinny’ expats using sexy pictures to apply for farm jobs

Backpacker rages about ‘skinny’ job seekers who use sexy pictures while asking for work and get more responses from employers: ‘You don’t need to look like a model to get down and dirty on a farm’

  • Backpacker raged about sexy job posts
  • She said good looking applicants get more responses 
  • Claimed you don’t need to be a model to work on a farm 

A woman has complained that backpackers who post ‘sexy’ photos of themselves in job applications get more attention from potential employers. 

Chloe Belle wrote a scathing rant on the Backpacker Jobs in Australia Facebook page on Sunday night.

‘After following this page for sometime it’s sad to see that those who are better looking, and post pictures with more skin visible are getting more responses from employers,’ Ms Belle said.

‘Last time I looked, you didn’t need to look like a model to put on some wellies and get down and dirty in a farm or an orchard.’

A backpacker, Chloe Belle (pictured), has complained that fellow travellers who post ‘sexy’ photos get more attention from employers

Chloe Belle posted the message to the 'Backpacker Jobs in Australia' group (pictured)

Chloe Belle posted the message to the ‘Backpacker Jobs in Australia’ group (pictured)

‘It is a real shame that those whom post more revealing or provocative pictures would have a lot more responses from potential employers on the Facebook page,’ Ms Belle told Daily Mail Australia.

‘The competitive nature of having jobs that require no experience and a constant flow of backpackers make it hard to be taken seriously.

‘Employers know there will always be another person to fill the role.’ 

‘I am a strong believer of if you’ve got it, flaunt it but put simply, a job board is not the right place.’ 

But Ms Belle believes employers are to blame for encouraging the behaviour.

‘We are talking 3-5 likes on a basic advertisement of a job search, and 50+ on those to provoked the onlookers the right way,’ Ms Belle said. 

‘I have been offered over 25+ jobs following my post, however one week prior I posted a short spiel and a smiling headshot which procured me 2 job offers.’

Ms Belle’s post sparked a lively discussion.

‘Been thinking it, glad someone else said it,’ one user commented. 

‘I choose someone who can do the job. Someone who looks and poses like a model isn’t likely to want to fix fences and catch goats to vaccinate,’ one employer wrote.

‘I scroll past all the ads with people in bikinis, partying, or posing artfully laughing at the sky. If that’s what they think is appropriate they aren’t suited to our needs,’ another employer wrote. 

Shortly after Ms Belle’s post another job seeker was sharply criticised for posting a photo of her in a bikini while looking for work.

‘Would you go to a job interview in a bikini? No, so why would you apply on Facebook with inappropriate photo?’ another user asked.

Ms Belle said that employers were also to blame for giving more attention to good looking applicants

Ms Belle said that employers were also to blame for giving more attention to good looking applicants