B.C. health minister says NHL should know province is best place for hub city

British Columbia’s health minister says the province is the best possible place for the NHL to play because it enforces public health rules to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Adrian Dix was asked about media reports on Thursday that there has been a breakdown with the league over Vancouver being a hub city to continue its season.

Several media outlets reported that the league is focusing more on the bids of Edmonton and Toronto after running into push back from with health officials in B.C.

But Dix told a news conference that B.C.’s hard line on rules to protect people from getting the novel coronavirus is the reason Vancouver should be a hub city.

He says he supports the idea of hockey being played again in Vancouver, but he’s also the minister of health and the rules that have contained the spread of COVID-19 apply to all.

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Dix says the NHL will make its own decisions about what might make another potential hub city better than Vancouver.

“But frankly, if you’re talking about the health of the players, if you’re talking about the health of society, you’re talking about public health measures, you’re talking about an outstanding leader on public health … this is the place to come and I hope they come.”

The NHL is picking two cities for teams to resume the hockey season.

The league announced earlier that Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus and Pittsburgh were all in the running as hub cities.

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