Australian family describes the terror of dealing with bushfires

After saving their home from the “terrifying infernos” burning through parts of Australia, one family tells CBC’s David Common they hope the bushfires ravaging the country serve as a wake-up call for their country — and the world.

Annabel Dobson, who worked alongside her husband and son-in-law to save their hobby farm from fire, says an “innate sense of self-protection” kicked in as the fire approached. The family saved their home without help from fire crews, who are stretched thin as the country deals with this devastating fire season.

While her home is safe for now, Dobson says what the country is facing is “a tragedy beyond the scale we hoped we’d ever see.

“I really hope that people wake up. We can’t just pretend that someone else is going to fix this for us. We can’t sit here thinking this will go away.”

Tiffany Crowley Bacon, Annabel’s daughter, lives with her parents, husband and young son at the farm. She said she’s concerned politicians don’t care enough about climate change and the increased risk it creates.

“I don’t think that they quite care about the land, because they’re not living on it,” she said. “I don’t think it’s politicians now. I think it’s 40 years of inaction, 40 years of denying what’s going on.” 

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