Aussie pro surfer displays life-saving skills in daring beach rescue

Australian pro surfer Mikey Wright has garnered world-wide praise after thrusting himself into the water to save a woman caught in dangerous surf.  

Wright, the brother of women’s World Surfing Champion Tyler Wright, had been walking along a Hawaiian beach (on Oahu’s north shore) with his sister and wife Shenay when they and others spotted a beachgoer struggling against the current. 

Footage posted by Wright to Instagram shows people at the beach running into the water in an attempt to rescue the woman.

But, as the waves drag the woman farther out into the rough waters and she continues to struggle, Wright realized that he too might need to intervene. 

“Going to need to be saved,” said Wright, tossing his phone to Shenay and jumping into action. 

Even as a voice around him can be heard saying, “You can’t save her,” Wright seemingly remained unconcerned for his own safety, and tossed his shirt aside before jumping a fence and darting to the rescue. 

Diving into the water, Wright can be seen navigating a series of rocks and shielding the woman with his own body from the crashing waves before safely pulling her to safety. 

“Look, it was an intense situation,” said Tyler, recounting the events to an Australian morning show on Jan. 1. “But he is a water man, this is what we have been doing since we were kids. We have surf life-saving skills”

Following the rescue Wright posted his video on social media with the caption: “Hold my beer.”

His sister was a little more colourful with her choice of caption: “Closing out 2020 with some hero s**t.”

The world was quick to take notice with surfing legend Mike Fanning, among others, celebrating Wright’s bravery: “Wow that could have ended really badly. Well done.”

Wright and Tyler were in Hawaii for the Pipeline Masters event, held just before Christmas. Wright placed 17th in the event, while his sister won the first women’s tour title at Hawaii’s famed pipeline break.