Antonio Brown to play for Albany Empire after reports of player bust ups and poor attendance record

Antonio Brown ‘is considering PLAYING for the Albany Empire’ – the team he owns, despite reports of player bust-ups and a poor attendance record under the ex-NFL wideout’s two-month tenure

  • Key players have left the Empire after Brown, 34, fully bought the team in April 
  • Some league’s like the NBA are against active players turning into team owners 
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Ex-NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown is considering to include himself on the roster of the Albany Empire – the team that he owns – after claims of poor management and home attendance record were leaked.

The one-time Super Bowl champion’s tenure as a team owner in the National Arena League (NAL) has gotten off to a rocky start with some key players and team’s former head coach leaving the team due to compensation issues and tensions within the locker room. 

What’s more is that Brown also once reportedly asked for some of his players to be locked out of their hotel rooms after they complained about his ownership. 

And now, a representative for the seven-time Pro Bowler claims that Brown could gear up to play for the Empire when they host the Fayetteville Mustangs on May 27. 

If he does suit up, then Brown will be the first and only player-owner in the league this season.

Former NFL player Antonio Brown could gear up for the Albany Empire’s home game on May 27

Several players were suspended and the team's head coach left the team under Brown's tenure

Several players were suspended and the team’s head coach left the team under Brown’s tenure

‘He wants his team to win and give the community a good show,’ the 34-year-old’s representative told TMZ on Thursday. ‘But, we will see.’ 

When asked about Brown’s potential plans, NAL commissioner Chris Siegfried told TMZ that no paperwork had yet been received by league executives to register the former Pittsburgh wideout as an official player.

If Brown ultimately decides to play arena football, then he has the league’s support, per TMZ. 

Brown bought a stake in the Empire in March before becoming the team's main owner later on

Brown bought a stake in the Empire in March before becoming the team’s main owner later on

Siegfried pointed to the 34-year-old’s stature, fame and athletic ability as reasons to allow the former Bucs, Patriots and Raiders receiver register himself as a player while also being an owner. 

Some league’s like the NBA hold restrictions against active players holding an sort of team ownership.

Brown joined the Empire’s ownership group in March before growing his share to 95 percent a month later. 

That same month, in April, Brown was repeatedly told to ‘get off’ the Empire’s field by security staff who didn’t believe the ex-NFL star was the owner of the team.    

Brown officially called time on his 11-year NFL career in March.