An opportunity for juice drinks distributors worlwide

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for juicy drinks is expected to grow in the following years

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for juicy drinks is expected to grow in the following years, according to a report made by A2Z Market Research and highlighted by The Daily Chronicle.

“During the period from 2020 to 2026, the juice drinks market is forecast to be growing at a high CAGR. The major reason behind this expansion is the increasing interest of the consumers in this industry”, says the study.

Life Smoothies is one of the companies who are ready to leverage on this growth, in partnership with local distributors. Based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the managers at this manufacturer of fruit and vegetable smoothies state that “our smoothies are finding strong consumer demand and, as margins are higher than the industry average, the product represents an important business opportunity for distributors”.

This company’s IQF-frozen smoothies are supplied in packs of frozen fruits, which are ready to make right before consumption with a blender. Distributors of food and beverages who supply the HORECA sector are welcome to work with them. Many hotels, restaurants and catering services in the Middle East, as well as in East and Western Europe are already offering this natural, tasty drinks to their customers, and the company is ready to expand further in those regions and into others worldwide.

In addition to advantages like private label and worldwide shipping, one of the advantages being offered by Life Smoothies to distributors is that they can choose among a range of IQF smoothie packets of 100g-150g, and can have bespoke packing for the frozen fruit (from 1kg to 5kg). Also, the distributor is offered a range of best-selling flavours and the possibility of ordering bespoke combinations suited to the tastes of the distributor’s target consumers.

As the company also has their own professional experience in distribution (they operate such a business of their own in a touristic region in Spain), they can provide advice on that regard, along with support for business development, as well as training sessions and marketing materials.