All you want to know about types of dental services

Dental health and oral hygiene are relatively significant.

There are various preventive and dentistry services to ensure good dental conditions. A general dentist may offer several dental treatments, but some dentists specialize in specific fields, such as pediatrics, cosmetic procedures, etc.

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Types of dental services

General dental services

General dentists are responsible for maintaining oral hygiene and overall dental health. Along with essential fluoride treatments, the general dentist also offers tooth decay treatments, tooth extractions, X-rays, teeth cleanings, bridges, etc.

Pediatric dental services

Dental professionals who specialize in treating children’s dental health are pediatric dentists.

Infants to teenagers receive specialized treatment from pediatric dentists.

Regular pediatric dental care includes cavity filling, cleaning, and keeping an eye on the growth of their teeth. In addition, they keep a check and diagnose oral disorders linked to pediatric illnesses and ailments.

Cosmetic dental services

Teeth whitening, often known as teeth bleaching, is one of the famous cosmetic dental treatments that will brighten your smile and lessen the appearance of discoloration.

Dental implants, teeth contouring, crowns, veneers, and tooth bonding are standard cosmetic dental procedures.

Orthodontic services

Orthodontic procedures assist in better aligning the jaw and teeth. Orthodontic treatments are necessary to correct teeth that are out of alignment. People with underbite, crossbite, overbite, or other bite problems frequently visit an orthodontist.

Palate expanders, braces, retainers, fixed-space maintainers, clear aligners, and headgear are some orthodontic dental services.

Preventative dental services

General dentists frequently offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic and preventative services. For instance, sealants, x-rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and oral exams are essential types of diagnostic and preventative dental services.

Periodontal dental services

The problems and diseases that damage the supporting structures of your teeth are prevented and treated by periodontal services. The periodontist also treats gum disorders along with gum grafting and pocket reduction.

The periodontist will deter, diagnose, and cure ailments that affect the supporting structures of your teeth.

Prosthodontic dental services

The prosthodontic services focus on restoring and replacing missing or damaged teeth. Dentures, bridges, dental implants, and reconstructive surgery are all prosthodontic dental procedures.

Endodontic dental services

Painless root canal therapy is referred to as endodontic treatment. Generally, it is best to visit endodontists when your tooth becomes infected or heavily injured since they can perform a root canal after assessing the damage.

Oral And Maxillofacial Surgery

An oral or maxillofacial surgeon must do complicated procedures that require high degrees of anesthesia.

Typically, oral and maxillofacial surgeons correct cleft palates, conduct tooth extractions, extract malignancies, take out damaged wisdom teeth, and conduct corrective jaw surgery.


There are various types of dental services that are focused on particular areas of dental treatment.

Usually, a general dentist offers several dental treatments. However, when the dental issue is too severe or if the area is heavily damaged, you should visit specialized dentists who have expertise in that specific field.